Many people suffer from anxiety and stress these days. With both the health and financial crisis caused by the COVID19 outbreak, almost everyone’s life is changing, in one way or the other. This has brought even more anxiety to the world, leaving many people feeling helpless. If symptoms of anxiety or stress are so severe that they become disruptive to your daily life, you have to seek some form of therapy.

Of course, if you can’t afford therapy right now, make sure to try out alternative forms of treatment. One of them, and perhaps the most effective of them all, is art therapy.

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy the benefits of art therapy, just get yourself a paint-by-number kit, and keep the anxious feelings at bay. In this article, we’ll go over all the benefits of painting by number so you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!

Source: Drawing Talk

Benefit number one: It calms you down

The team from tells us once you begin painting by number, you’ll quickly see how calming it can be. It’s proven to regulate the heart rate and sugar levels as it’s a relaxing activity that stimulates the brain in a beneficial way.

If you often feel uneasy or like you’re going to burst from negative emotions, painting by numbers may be the perfect solution for you! While it’s not a cure for stress or anxiety, it certainly helps relieve the symptoms. So, if you’re looking for ways to calm yourself down all while creating something beautiful, make sure to try painting by numbers.

Benefit number two: It’s a form of meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to fight anxiety and stress. Still, it will take you a lot of time and energy to learn the traditional methods of meditation. Anxiety often leaves us unmotivated to learn new things.

On the other hand, anyone can pick up painting by numbers, and do it without any prior experience with painting. It has the same effects as any other type of meditation, but it’s much easier to do, as suggested by

Meditative art brings a lot of benefits to our mind and soul. It’s not only a creative outlet, but it’s also a way for us to collect our thoughts and improve our focus.

Source: My Modern Met

Benefit number three: Improves self-confidence

Constantly feeling anxious or stressed out can bring our self-confidence down. If you’re stressed and anxious about a certain task, you’re more likely to do it poorly, thus leaving you feeling like a failure.

With number painting, you’ll always see progress, which can be a giant confidence booster. Also, once you’re finished with a project, the results are certainly going to be fantastic!

You’ll have a beautiful reminder of your hard work and creativity that you can hang up on your walls! So, get your confidence up, and start painting by numbers.

Benefit number four: The whole family can enjoy it

There’s certainly nothing that makes us happier than spending time with our loved ones. Luckily, you can get a large canvas for the whole family to enjoy! Doing it together is so much more fun! Of course, some of us prefer doing it alone as getting some peace and quiet after a long day is our priority.

Still, you can buy separate paint-by-number kits, and give your kids something to do while you’re taking some alone time. You can even order some custom made canvases to fit your interests and make it more interesting for everyone.

Source: The Spruce Crafts

Benefit number five: Improves patience and organizational skills

Sometimes, our lack of patience and improper organization can leave us feeling stressed out. Painting by number teaches us to patiently work on a piece until you finish it, and it’s super rewarding once you do.

Other than that, it helps us learn how to focus on the smallest details, and gain some extra organizational skills. Once we have developed these, dealing with complicated and overwhelming tasks, no matter if at work or at home, will become much easier to do.

So, if you struggle to organize and it causes you to feel anxious, try getting a painting by number kit such as those at

Benefit number six: It’s inexpensive

We all know that getting therapy when our mental health reaches a low point is of the utmost importance. Still, it’s important to differentiate between a person going through some rough times and a person who suffers from an Anxiety Disorder. They both can benefit from painting by numbers, but the latter will require some professional help with it.

If your issues aren’t so severe that they prevent you from functioning normally, sticking to alternative methods for anxiety relief, such as painting by number, can be of great help. The best thing about it is that it’s extremely affordable. So yes, anyone can try it and potentially benefit from it!

Source: Aurora Cultural Centre

Benefit number seven: It unleashes creativity

Turning your negative feelings into a work of art is probably the most satisfying thing one can do. You’ll feel much better after you’re able to clear your mind of everything that’s been bothering you.

Even if it’s just for a bit, you’ll be able to forget about those negative thoughts. Calming your mind can help you reach better solutions to your problems, thus relieving you from both anxiety and stress.

Everyone needs a creative outlet somewhere, and if you don’t have the time or the energy to pick up painting, then painting by numbers can be your new best friend.

The bottom line

Anxiety and stress are quickly becoming a part of many people’s daily lives. Those feelings can affect our mood and productivity, making us feel miserable at times. Painting by numbers is one of the ways to fight it! It’s incredibly easy and affordable, so everyone can do it! It’s can be beneficial to your mental health, all while teaching you discipline and hard work.

Even if by some miracle it doesn’t work for you, you’ll still get a beautiful painting for your walls. So why not try it?