Each passing year, it seems that dance music gets more and more popular among the average consumer.

This can definitely be seen with our beloved genre\’s presence in mainstream events such as the Super Bowl. Nothing screams \”Electronic dance music is taking over!\” louder than hearing one of your favorite producer\’s tracks on a multi-million dollar commercial being seen around the entire planet.

3 years ago, the only big name you\’d hear on such costly commercials is Avicii. This was just at the start of the dance music explosion; now that a larger audience appreciates the genre, it has gone full-blown mainstream. Is that a bad thing? Well, that\’s for you to decide. In my opinion, I\’m not shaken by the fact that some of my favorite musicians are being praised for their work. Let haters Turn Down For the mainstream.

The Super Bowl is simple a Mecca for commercials. With that being said, here are some of yesterday\’s high-budget ads that featured dance music in them.

\”Bassnectar feat. Rye Rye – Now\” in Furious 7 Trailer

The king of bass music has been producing records for decades; unafraid to stay underground, Bassnectar simply makes the best of it. Though with his latest Noise Vs. Beauty album released in summer of 2014, it\’s evident that he has drawn a larger crowd to his music.

That doesn\’t change the quality of his production at all; Bassnectar continues to make music he truthfully stands for rather than selling out to a major label or main-stage crowd. Apparently, the makers of the Fast & Furious series deemed one of his tracks suitable for their latest action-packed trailer. Boy, they were right; Now fits seamlessly in the high-octane minute of fast cars and exaggerated violence. The soundtrack to this film is already looking good so be sure to check out Furious 7 when it hits theaters and IMAX on April 3rd, 2015. Rest in peace Paul Walker!

\”A-Trak & Milo & Otis feat. Rich Kidz – Out The Speakers\” in Mountain Dew Kickstart Ad

One of the funniest commercials this Super Bowl had to be Mountain Dew advertising their newest Kickstart drink. The commercial is filled with random people and objects dancing to a catchy tune from the likes of A-Trak collaborating with Milo & Otis. I personally love both the drink and track, so it\’s two thumbs up for me.

\”DJ White Shadow vs. Pac Man\” in Bud Light Ad

Another pointless high-budget Bud Light commercial, as if we didn\’t already have enough of those. This one stars a random guy being taken from a bar to what seems to be a huge Pac Man concert. I don\’t and will never understand Bud Light commercials, but if you\’re up for whatever, check out this ad. It features Chicago native DJ White Shadow and his rendition to the original Pac Man anthem.

\”DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What\” in Undateable Teaser

There\’s absolutely no surprise in this one. Everyone on this planet has heard this DJ Snake and Lil Jon collab; it was only a matter of time before it reached a Super Bowl-caliber level. Turn Down For What was arguably one of the most overplayed tracks of 2014, but oh well. Someone\’s getting paid! As far as this teaser goes, it\’s pretty damn funny and gets the point across. Check out Undateable when it returns to television March 17th, 2015.

Cover photo courtesy of Bassnectar