Badklaat just dropped \”We be Clubbin\”, the first song to be fully released from his new EP, Bad Like This. This new track illuminates the filthy dubstep sound that this UK producer has perfected while also showing how hard he expects people to go in the club. The womping bass in this new club anthem will have you headbanging in no time.

This track is a testament to the grime-heavy bass that is expected in the Bad Like This EP, which will be released on May 4th. Two weeks after the release of his new EP, Badklaat will be spreading his bass virus across America for his Mans on Tour with support from Muk. They will be annihilating dancefloors in 9 cities across the country and luckily Chicago is one of them. Check out the new track and stay on the lookout for the Bad Like This EP. Enjoy the filth!