Love DIY projects? But not everything can be done this way. Although it might look cool in pictures and videos, you seriously need to give it a second thought if you are planning to do DIY with your floor. Before doing anything like that, you need to assess your professional skills. If you know about floor leveling and you have done it previously, you can give it a try. However, if you have only seen it in videos and you go DIY, you are likely to ruin things.

So think twice and go here. They have a team of professionals who have been doing floor leveling for a long time. The good thing about their team is that they won’t need much time to do the work. You can get 2500 m2 of the floor done in a day. You can visit them and tell them the area in m2 and the type of floor you want. They will guide you through everything then.

You can get them if you are in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, or Germany. They work in all those places. And if you want some reassurance, you can go through their previous projects that are available on their site.


Why should you not go for DIY?

If you are thinking that I will surely do a good job, go through these first. Here are a few reasons that might stop you or make you confident.

The cost of floor leveling

One of the reasons that people go for DIY projects is because of the labor cost. Professional workers cost a lot and not everyone can afford that. Therefore, people try to do things by themselves. However, you should still look for the cost before ruining things. It is better to be careful.

So wherever you are, you should first look for the market price of your region. You might get a good price for all that work. And you might also afford it.

The price of the work varies with the type of floor and its thickness. Therefore, you should go through all the details first and get the right price and then make your decision.

2 – Tackle the problems

Floor leveling is a tricky job and you need to have the experience to deal with the problems you encounter. If you cannot level it properly, the place will look uneven and will also cause you some problems. There will be a risk of tripping and therefore, you will remain offended by it.

So isn’t it better to let the professionals do so? What if you are trying so hard but the surface does not seem to be smooth? What will you do then? There is nothing that you can do in the end. While doing something for the first time, you are likely to make a lot of mistakes. In addition to this, you won’t know what will come your way. Things might go smoothly or might become a nightmare for you.

In addition to this, the leveling job is not that easy and needs experience for perfection. Therefore, it is not one of those things that you can do by yourself.


3 – Broken or cracked joints

One of the problems that you might encounter while doing your DIY is broken or cracked joints. So what will you do then? If there is a person who has been doing this job for years, he will have a couple of ways. He will be able to deal with it quickly. However, if you are doing it by yourself, you will think about it and then Google it. As a result of this, your work will take more time.

Furthermore, there will be a risk of making mistakes. How can you assure perfection when you do not know the cause of the problem? Plus, you also do not know how to deal with it. Therefore, you will be surfing the net and looking for measures. And what if you still cannot do anything better?

4 – Cracks in the foundation

Another problem that you might experience is cracks in the foundation. You might have made some mistakes while preparing the mixture. Or you might be busy with something else that the floor got too dry. Or any other reason.

What will you do if you do not know the cause of the problem? Knowing the cause is crucial for solving your problems because the treatment varies with it. If the cracks are because the mixture was not proportioned perfectly, you will have a headache dealing with it.


5 – Area codes and regulations

Although you can reason out all the other points, what about your knowledge about the local codes? There are rules and regulations for doing things and these rules are the local or area codes. You need to follow the rules otherwise, you will pay the penalty.

So DIY will sound all cool until you get fined for violating the rules. Sometimes, legal issues can get hectic and troublesome. Therefore, before trying on any DIY, make sure to learn about the local rules first. Most DIYers are not aware of this because they are trying to do the things they watch in the videos. They know it only when things have become legal and they are facing the consequences.

Things that you should not do by yourself

If you are not a professional and have not got any experience doing these things, you should not do them at home. And the things are;

  1. Advanced Plumbing
  2. Advanced electrical work for your home
  3. Structural changes to the home
  4. Floor leveling