One of the most highly anticipated albums of this year is Avicii\’s Stories, set to be released on October 2nd.  From what we\’ve heard so far from the Swedish DJ/producer, the album does offer a slightly different sound while still managing to portray his signature style.

After releasing \”Waiting For Love\” back in May as the first single from the upcoming album, the DJ surprised fans yesterday by releasing two more songs called \”For A Better Day\” and \”Pure Grinding.\”  The two songs are both very different from one another but definitely showcase Avicii\’s true innovative sound.

\”For A Better Day\” features a lot of vocals alongside Avicii\’s famous use of piano chords for an overall upbeat outcome.  However, the DJ decided to go a different route with \”Pure Grinding\” which features some trap-like beats amongst background synths that are paired with a Hip Hop/R&B vibe.  Sounds like a crazy recipe, but it actually came together nicely.

Listen to the two new tracks and see the full album tracklist below.  You can now pre-order Stories through iTunes.

Full album tracklist containing a total of 14 tracks below:

1) Waiting for Love feat. Simon Aldred, Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare & Tim Bergling
2) Talk to Myself
3) Touch Me
4) Ten More Days
5) For a Better Day feat. Alex Ebert & Tim Bergling
6) Broken Arrows
7) True Believer
8) City Lights
9) Pure Grinding feat. Tim Bergling, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Albin Nedler & Earl Johnson
10) Sunset Jesus
11) Can’t Catch Me
12) Somewhere In Stockholm
13) Trouble
14) Gonna Love Ya

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