The removal of his appendix and gallbladder may have withheld him from his performance at Ultra Music Festival this year, but Avicii has confirmed the release of a post-\”True\” album out at the end of this year. It has no title yet, but according to the Rolling Stone article where the news was announced, he has 70 songs laid out from which he will choose around a dozen for another LP.

And it gets more interesting. A more \”song-oriented\” album will feature collaborations with Chris Martin from Coldplay, Jon Bon Jovi, and Serj Tankian from System of the Down, among others. We can expect dance tracks with plenty of vocals, which we got a good taste of from \”True.\”

70 songs may sound exciting, but it can definitely delay the process. So there should be no surprise if the new album is pushed back until early 2015. Nonetheless, the collaborations themselves are something to look forward to. And at the very least, we have a little preview of what one of them would sound like.