Australian duo The Aston Shuffle and LO ’99 have teamed up to release the funky house track that is “Birthman” out on Club Sweat. The producer friends previewed their track on the previous months’ Only 100s series. The track is certainly unique and will garner attention across multiple international dancefloors.

We’ve been talking about doing a record on ‘Sweat It Out’ for years, and it wasn’t until recently when we had finished our collab with good friend and lord of late nights LO’99 that we all felt like we had something special enough to release on the label. We’ve really pushed the boundaries of what a club song should sound like with this record. It’s full of weird blips and bloops, got a hella kooky vocal and one hell of a hooky bassline that will no doubt get some outrageous reactions both on the dancefloor and in your headphones.’

The Aston Shuffle

Listen to the track below