Dr. Fresch a.k.a Tony Fresch out of LA just keeps the amazing remixes rolling with his new take on Kimberly Cole\’s \”Found Better\”. A melodic, sexy track that\’s a guaranteed pick-me-up if you\’ve recently parted ways with your ex. Another track worth your time is his \”Juicy Diner\” featuring beautiful vocal samples from Suzanna Vega\’s \”Joe\’s Diner\” and the familiar rap from The Notorious BIG\’s \”Juicy\”. \”I felt a weird connection between these two songs,\” says Fresch, \”and wanted to create a piece that reflected the vibes of both of these artists. I feel like the remix I came up with represents angst, relaxation, and struggle at the same time.\”

If you\’re like me and you still haven\’t had enough of Dr. Fresch, check out his playlist of remixes I\’ve added below for more tunes that will have you hooked on his clean, fresh style.

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