It\’s rather rewarding to watch an up and coming artist you enjoy grow and form into true talent, especially when  you\’ve been following their work from the start of their career.

This is the case with Dutch producer Wiwek. I first discovered his production nearly a year ago with \”Angry Birdz\” which made its debut on Rimbu, his proper record label. At a time where big-room Electro House flooded the main stage, Wiwek\’s breakthrough track was a fresh take on the big-room formula. \”Angry Birdz\” brought a different, more Dancehall kind of energy; it showcased a new sound and paved the path for the young producer\’s career.

Wiwek\’s music surfaced when he released the summer smasher \”On Your Mark,\” a collaboration with Dutch veteran Gregor Salto. The track was released just before festival season began and put him on the mainstream map with the support it got from countless dance music all-stars. The heavy-drumming tune is easily distinguishable and surely gets the crowd moving.

Half a year later, Wiwek has released his first EP titled \”Jungle Terror.\” The name speaks wonders for the four heavy-hitting tracks as jungle vibes meet the tropical Dancehall and creates a selection of distinct sounds.

I got to chat with Wiwek about his premiere EP; check it out.

EDM Chicago: Where are you from? How did the \”Wiwek\” name form?

Wiwek: My hometown is Utrecht (in the Netherlands) and my real name is Wiwek. Gregor Salto came up with it; it used to be something else but he insisted on changing it to my real name because it\’s easier to pronounce and also because it\’s my real name! Best tip in my career so far!

EDMC: Your music takes up a very tropical, almost Dancehall vibe. Where do you draw your influences from?

Wiwek: Most of my influences come from reading festival sets and paying attention to what\’s missing. Most of it is straight up \”put your hands up in the air\” stuff. I just feel that there could be more \’ass shake\’ added to the festival sound at the moment. Lately, I\’ve also been really inspired by what Diplo does in his productions for other artists and his Major Lazer project. I worked with him a little bit so I watched closely how he handles things and works towards a final product.

EDMC: How do you feel about the current state of dance music and how it has reached the mainstream?

Wiwek: It\’s perfect. A lot more people have been reached and there is more money involved so artists are able to do it full-time. Of course it has its downsides; it also brings a lot of people into the scene who are not in it for the love, but just for the business. It\’s very easy: just focus on your own shit and you attract the right people that are also in it for the love.

EDMC: Where is your favorite place to play in the entire world?

Wiwek: My favorite place in the world is my home studio. I live in my own world here.

EDMC: Who do you want to collaborate with in the future? Who have been your favorites (to collab with) thus far?

Wiwek: My dream is to make a tune with Missy Elliot. Everyone I\’ve collaborated with thus far are my favorites; it sounds really cheesy, but I have to be a fan of the person before I collaborate with them.

EDMC: \”On Your Mark\” truly made a mark on this summer festival season. How do you feel about the track exploding and finding its way into the sets of industry giants like Zeds Dead, Skrillex, GTA, and many more?

Wiwek: Haha, pretty dope. I remember watching the Ultra live stream and when Jack U started to stream, the first thing you heard was \”On Your Mark!\”

EDMC: Tell us a little about your EP and the label it is being released on.

Wiwek: The EP is a selection of tunes I made over the past few months. I released it on Yellow Claw\’s brand new label Barong Family. They have been huge supporters of my sound; they are normally not from the 128 BPM type of music but they really like what I do and that is exactly what my goal is: attract other people to the 128 tempo. So for me, it was the perfect fit to release it on their label.

EDMC: Have you ever been to Chicago?

Wiwek: I think, only on a connecting flight to Canada.

EDMC: What are your hobbies outside of producing/DJing?

Wiwek: Movies, listening to cheesy rock ballads, reading, and above all, relaxing. I like going to the gym and sauna as well.

\”Jungle Terror\” is packed with a massive collaboration with the already well-known Dutch DJ Alvaro and vocals from MC Spyder that perfectly fits the uptempo jungle groove.

You can definitely expect to hear \”Jungle Terror\” at a dance floor near you; you can also expect to hear more of Wiwek\’s production in the future. What makes an up and coming producer so valuable to our dance music sphere is the fact that they contribute their own new sounds without being tainted by the mainstream. Wiwek clearly makes music he loves and we love it, too.

Purchase Wiwek\’s \”Jungle Terror\” EP on Beatport here

I\’d like to thank Wiwek for his time and hope to grow a nice connection so we can deliver his latest work to our readers and listeners in the near future!

Complimenting his EP is an hour-long mix that he released available for free download. You should definitely check this out as it has some massive tracks that really bring terror to the jungle. Check out the mix along with an exclusive tracklist here:

1. Gregor Salto x Dj Gregory x Wiwek x Versano Laroz – Donkeyz On Ya Vem Rebola Mark (Mike Blake\’s Mashup)
2. Anna Lunoe – Bass drum dealer
3. J-Trick & D!rty Palm – Get Weird (LowParse Remix)
4. Wiwek – Global March
5. Skrillex & Kill the Noise – Recess (Valentino Khan remix)
6. Chocolate Puma Ft Kriss Kiss – Step Back (Adin Dino & Cesqeaux Stab Back Edit)
7. DJ Fresh VS Jay Fay Feat. Ms Dynamite- Dibby Dibby Sound (Skitzofrenix Remix)
8. Wiwek & Jeremia Jones ft Kalibwoy – Bad Gyal
9. Aquadrop & Big Fish feat Stush-Gyal Like Me (Wiwek Remix)
10. Mike Cervello & NashOne – Murda (Wiwek Remix)
11. Wiwek – Ragga
12. Wiwek – Angry Birdz (Jeremia Jones Carribean Drums Mash up)
13. Rawtek & Funky Craig – Shaka Zulu
14. Retrohandz – Stomp That Shit
15. Retrohandz & Moska – Bun Dem All
16. Kavido – Shape
17. Wiwek & Alvaro ft MC Spyder – Boomshakatak
18. Wiwek ft MC Spyder – Play that tune
19. Jacob Plant – Louder (AyOne Remix)
20. Perrigon- Foie Gras
21. Hataah – Tropical Heat
22. Retrohandz x Kandy – ID
23. Jarryd Kellett – Ritmo
24. VINAI & TJR & Ido B & Zooki – Bounce Yokozona (Beatz Freq Mash up)
25. Leftside – Monkey Biznizz (Wiwek Remix)
26. Wiwek – Bollydome