Shortly after Zedd revealing that he was working with the latest pop sensation, Ariana Grande and Zedd have released a new single entitled \”Break Free\”, which feature Zedd\’s progressive strategy fused with Ariana\’s strong vocals, and it turned out seemingly well. Now, this isn\’t an EDM track, and a lot of Zedd fans seem to be disappointed, albeit forget that it\’s Ariana\’s track, which is seemingly meant for radio play – not Zedd\’s track, which would be for EDM festivals, etc. It\’s definitely a win-win for both Ariana and Zedd as this song will likely be a huge hit among fans of both electro and pop music. Ariana officially debuted the track live on MTV, and is said to perform it on the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards later this year, no word if Zedd will be accompanying her. \”Break Free\” is not officially available for purchase, however, the full audio stream is available below.