From all the social media, it would be seem that the life of a DJ would be incredible. Playing all across the country or even around the world playing fun and energetic music to hundreds or even thousands of people to promote a good time. Also, being involved with eventful night parties is not too bad to deal with.

With that being said, these perks to the job does not mean bad things do not happen on the job. People do not really notice the stress and downfalls some of the DJs go through, but it is great to point out that they do happen. One prime example is that recently DJ/producer Alesso had to withdraw from his time to play at Ultra Music Festival Korea. The reason allegedly was from a minor illness and his doctor made the call to not work during this time. Despite this news, he states he will continue to make an appearance at EDC Las Vegas this weekend.


He also made a remark on his Twitter for some upset fans who did not take the news well.


This is a great explanation for all DJs, since they are human too. There will always be hiccups in life where plans are changed. He understands that some people would be upset for him not being able to play,but it is rather inconsiderate to bash on an artist you admire for something out of his control. With a job as fun as his, I don\’t think canceling a show would be easy for him to announce. Luckily, he did not reply back harshly to the fans and notified them that he will be back on road to play some more gigs.Get better Alesso!

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