With the DJ Mag top 100 voting almost at a close, award-winning DJ and producer Afrojack took over DJ Mag to reveal his most memorable career moments.

1. “When I launched ‘Forget The World’ with a huge performance and party with Revolt on Hollywood & Highland was super cool. Growing up I always imagined what Hollywood Blvd would be like and it was a dream come true to get to celebrate my debut album partying on it.”

2. “As an artist you always dream of winning a Grammy. For me, that was when I knew I had truly accomplished something big not only for myself, but for the entire dance music industry.”

3. “For me some of my most memorable moments were also my very first moments. An experience I will never forget was getting to hear myself on the radio for the first time with ‘Take Over Control.’ I literally couldn’t stop screaming!”

4. “I love fashion. When I had the opportunity to partner with G Star and create clothes I would actually wear, I thought that was so cool. I love getting to try new things and take risks with my style and they get that and it’s an awesome relationship.”


5. “When I first started DJing I was excited for the opportunity to travel the world and experience once in a life time things. Having the chance to play the Great Wall Music Festival in China had to have been one of the craziest experiences!  My fans in China were amazing and the energy was on another level. I loved it!”

6. “Getting to ring the Nasdaq bell in New York City for SFX was pretty sick, too. I always wanted to do that because I had seen it in so many movies and shows before.”

7. “When I was in the studio working on ‘Catch Tomorrow’, I thought the dopest thing would be to have Sting do the vocals for the track. I thought this would be totally impossible but after playing the track for my friend Martin Kierszenbaum, Martin believed in the track enough and was willing to call up Sting and try to make it work. I didn’t believe it until we all ended up in the studio in New York together with Sting and recorded the track.”

8. “Another big moment for me was the first gig I ever played. It was for like less than 50 people but I tell you the energy and feeling I had on the stage was something that I will never forget. I was so nervous but at the same excited because I knew then that this was what I wanted to do.”

9. “Getting to have my mom there with me when I played on Good Morning America was a really special thing. My mom has always been my number one supporterand fan and without her really none of this would have ever been possible.”

10.  “Lastly, I think my favorite moment as a DJ isn’t just one moment, but every moment I get on the stage and be connected so closely with my fans as we enjoy this crazy passion and energy through sound. Music really does unite us all.”

via DJMag