If you are a shuffler or a house lover and live in Tampa, Florida, most likely you were dancing the night away at The Ritz Ybor when Oliver Heldens hit the stage on Wednesday September 16th. Personally, this has been my second show that I have attended at this venue and I must say I have no complaints. The Ritz Ybor continues to attract such unique and genuine talent that ravers crave for epic show nights. Thanks to AEG Live, Alliance Events & Nightlife, Eyewitness Entertainment and Optic Music Group, the production was top notch and put together for the audience to have a memorable night.

Along with my fellow ravers, I walked through the front doors and was excited to see shufflers practicing their moves for when Oliver Heldens drops a beat. This was shufflers heaven because of how perfect the venue was. The Ritz Ybor has a massive dance floor in the main room which is spacious enough for dancers to cut shapes and shuffle wherever their heart desired. I immediately jumped in because the vibes and energy was so amplified that I couldn’t resist the temptation- either could the girls.

Once Oliver Heldens started to perform, girls started to jump on top of guys’ shoulders to scream and cheer for the music. He threw down a set with plently of deep house tracks, beginning with his song Bunnydance and continuing with new music that will be released later in September. Although I loved the song selections (which if you haven’t heard it by now, I suggest you soundcloud it) the music was just one part of his show. The visuals were beautiful and perfectly timed to his music, which showcased how talented Oliver Heldens is. The entire atmosphere he created made it easy for everyone do dance, shuffle and enjoy their time.

Thank you and great job AEG Live, Alliance Events, Eyewitness Entertainment, and Optic Music Group for getting everyone \”Heldeep\”. Oliver Heldens’s attitude the whole night was so radiant and engaging that the crowd experienced an unforgettable night. This show displayed the Tampa rave scene’s true colors, which was unity and respect. The night even ended with several people getting on stage and cheering the crowd on themselves.

This was my first club experience with Oliver Heldens and if you have yet to see him at a club I highly recommend it because the vibe and music is totally different than when he plays at a music festival.

Keys N Krates is scheduled to return to Tampa again on Thursday October 22 and will be at The Ritz Ybor. You can grab your tickets to this show below. Hope to see you all there.


Photo Credit: Facebook