With his new EP \”Down 4 The Ride\’ dropping on Friday, we thought it would be a good time to have a chat with producer and label co-owner Jimmy Le Mac. Having been busy creating plenty of material over the past year or so, he now collates his skills into this three-track collection, which is to be released through Australian label Micropope. We decided to find out more about Le Mac, who is surely about to cause quite a stir with his funky brand of house.

The new EP \’Down 4 The Ride\’ has been an office favourite since we received it on promo, we want to know what you have been listening to recently?

There\’s a lot of good music at the moment and (finally) no one seems to care about genres! Album for the year for me so far is \”It\’s Album Time\” – Todd Terje, also the Dark Sky album is really good, with \”Odyssey\” in particular standing out. The recent BB \”Spread Love\” EP had some killer tracks too, especially \”Cowbell\” by Sly-One. Also, \’Girl comes up to me and says, what you driving, I said… Bugatti!\’

After a brutal discussion, the title track from the release is our hot pick from the release, with a very catchy vocal hook. Did you source that from another track? (if so please send the original!)

Cool stuff! The vocals from all the tracks on the EP actually came from the same sample pack from Loopmasters, they\’ve just released Volume 2 so expect more in the future. I\’m a big fan of taking a bit of one sample and mixing it with another to construct something new – chopping and manipulating.

Is there a story behind any of the tracks produced on the EP?

No real story really, I had a fancy new sample pack to play with and wanted to create a pack of tracks with a similar vibe each to have a different approach.

Being based in Australia it must be hard sitting in a dark studio producing, where do you draw inspiration from out there and what is your current studio set up?

Ha! February is not a fun month to be in our studio, 40 degrees outside 50 inside! Unsurprisingly, not a lot gets done then! The studio is pretty good, I share it with my good friend and label partner Flip 3k. Couple of RP8\’s, a MPK25, a couple of hardware synths (M-Audio Venom & Novation Bass Station) linked up to a computer with Ableton. I actually wrote this EP on the laptop though as I\’ve been visiting London recently, looking forward to heading back to the studio.

Lastly, what three artists are killing it for you right now?

Hmmm, tricky but I\’d say Mak & Pasteman, Bromley & Galtier.

Be sure to grab a copy of \”Down 4 The Ride\” on Friday…