By now I would hope all ya\’\’ll are well aquatinted with 3LAU\’s How you Love me, if you havent\’t i\’m not quite sure what you are doing with your life. The song has so many feels to it, while being high energy. Well today the acoustic version was released, and holy cannoli it is so stinking beautiful. The simplicity of her angelic voice and the piano  is honestly all you need. This version makes me love the song so much more. It also gives me mad respect for 3LAU for taking something so beautiful and not hindering it or squashing it in any way but making it better.

The statement on the song\’s sound cloud page states \”For me, every musical idea starts on the piano. I wanted to show you all the initial inspiration for How You Love Me, revealing the spark that made the entire song possible. I\’m a musician BEFORE I\’m a Producer/DJ, and this is the first of many more non-EDM tracks you\’ll hear from me! I really hope you enjoy it. – Justin\”

Get ready to have your socks blow off.