There\’s never a shortage for new, catchy beats. A few months back, we were caught by surprise when we heard an impressive remix of THEY.\’s hit \”Motley Crue\” by AWAY (Away Not Found). Well, AWAY is back at it again with another awesome remix of Kiiara\’s \”Feels.\”

The original version of \”Feels\” has garnered the attention of many with over 13 million plays on Spotify. It is catchy with an upbeat tempo, moving vocals and loops of percussion. Just like with \”Motley Crue,\” AWAY has brought his sound to the track and made it his own. He slowed it down a bit and added extra bass and synths, which has transformed the original into an emotional work of art.

We have a feeling that we\’ll be hearing more from AWAY as he continues to break into the scene with captivating tracks. In the meantime, give \”Feels\” a listen and enjoy.

Photo via Facebook.