As 2015 nears a close, and producers mobilize their projects for 2016, notable releases have been few and far between. Enter Zack Martino & Reggio, two up and coming producers who have pierced through the static with their debut release, \”Wonderland.\”

Fittingly, Wonderland has a lot of dimensions to it. It\’s an anthemic progressive tune with a soaring melodic lead, but it\’s also heavily textured with sweeping soundscapes. Ultimately, these contrasts come together in a big way on this release, and we\’re stoked on what both of these breakout artists can cook up in 2016.

Zack Martino assures us this is only the beginning, and there\’s a lot of new music to be heard from him in the near future, so here\’s looking forward to that. In the interim, grab his debut track with Reggio here as a free download.

SoundCloud / ZACK MARTINO – via Iframely