As we approach the beginning of this years Elements NYC festival, it can be tough to pick your personal schedule with such a stacked lineup filling one day of music, not to mention the art installations and other activities spread throughout the festival grounds. I’m here to throw out three suggestions of artists whose unique sounds and performance style are worth a watch if you can fit them into your schedule.


Goldfish (7:00-8:30) – Water Stage

An electronic duo rooted in South Africa, Goldfish crafted their sound by combining elements of house, pop, jazz, and African music. By implementing live instruments such as saxophones, keyboards, and flutes, Goldfish plays a brand of live music uniquely created to make you and your friends dance. Their most recent release and fifth studio LP, “Late Night People”, compiled eclectic music for people of all tastes, from jazz to pop. And while their production skill can be sensed from a listen to any of their releases, the real fun starts when their sets begin, as nothing can match the experience of listening to your favorite electronic music being edited live with talented musical performers. Catch Goldfish at the Water stage at 7 PM, as they start your night off right with a wide-ranging performance that transitions you through the day into sunset as you get ready for the night of fun ahead.


Bassnectar (9:45-11:00) – Earth Stage

Bassnectar is a mainstay in the bass music genre, and if you haven’t seen him, you’ve probably heard of him. Referred to by fans by his first name, Lorin, Bassnectar’s fanbase has grown immensely as he continues to throw down worldwide at festivals and his curated events such as “Family Gatherings” and “Basscenter”. Bassnectar will be closing the Earth Stage at Elements as he approaches the release of the third installment in his “Reflective” series, which will feature remixes and collaborations with artists such as Rusko, Reeps One, and Jantsen, who worked alongside Lorin to create the first release on Reflective 3, “Heavyweight Sound”, which has been tearing up summer festival season. Be sure to catch Bassnectar for an hour and fifteen minutes of unparalleled mixing, deep cuts from his 16+ years of touring, and first glimpses at the new Reflective tracks. In addition, Bassnectar’s “Dollar per Basshead” campaign has partnered with Elements to donate $1 from each ticket sale to charitable initiatives, allowing you to get your bass fix while helping those in need as well.


Jade Cicada (11:00-12:00) – Water Stage

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Jade Cicada has created a sound that sets him apart from most producers. Pairing heavy bass with hip-hop inspired drum patterns, Jade Cicada has spent this year getting crowds to bob in unison as he opens for world renowned acts such as Pretty Lights. Jade’s unique sound can be heard on songs like the heavy-hitting “Beefcake”, and the more tribal-sounding “Speaking in Tongues”. If you’re a Rick and Morty fan, rejoice, as you will love the myriad of samples used in the cult hit, “Wubbalubbadubdub”. Make sure Jade Cicada is part of your late night elements lineup for a set ranging from heavy bass music to tunes just made for dancing.

Tickets for Elements Festival are still on sale. Make sure to grab yours here.