Everyone has those few places in the world where they dream of going and having the best time of their lives. For some, it is an exotic tropical destination. Some prefer visiting major historic sites, while others mostly like adventures and exploration. However, a lot of people simply want to visit the famous cities of the world. I am one of them, and my dream was always to visit the world capital of good time and gambling, Sin City, Las Vegas. My dream of visiting Las Vegas was long pending on my bucket list, and now it was finally the time to do it. This trip was more exciting than when I initially thought about it as I traveled with my partner.

Las Vegas offers its tourists a variety of accommodation options, both on the strip and in one of the surrounding streets. There are plenty of places situated around the famous Las Vegas strip, and all of the world’s famous hotel-casino resorts are there. We were looking for a fun place where something is always happening, that has a large attached bar with a casino, some recreation within the premises like a swimming pool, a spa, or a gym, and of course a room with a great view of all the lights on the Las Vegas strip. The main criteria were that the hotel should be close to the strip or even right on it, as that is where all the fun and games are.

We booked ourselves into the OYO Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. The rooms are surprisingly priced quite reasonably considering the great location. The hotel offers its guests a wide range of facilities like a swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, a bar and restaurant, a casino with dozens of games, and everything else that a world-class resort needs. As usual, I had made a telephone booking at this place and was given a booking ID. We were given out room key and allowed to settle in without any delay and we were accompanied to the room by a bellboy who was as courteous and welcoming as possible. Upon arriving at the room, the first thing that caught my attention was the mesmerizing view of the well-lit outdoors, exactly what we wanted and expected. The room was clean with fresh sheets and linens, and it was evident that the whole hotel is well-kept 24/7. The room also had a mini-bar, a vending machine, a safety locker, and all the amenities you need for a couple of days.

We kick-started our holiday with a one hour drive to Pahrump valley for our hot air balloon tour. The drive through the roads of the dessert was a new experience for me and it was quite enjoyable. When we finally reached the Pahrump valley, the sight of colorful hot air balloons was a treat to the eye. We have only seen something like that in pictures and videos until then, so it was very mesmerizing. To begin with, we had to listen to a short safety briefing from your pilot and guide. Without any further ado, we got on to the balloon shown to us that had a warm and welcoming pilot who explained everything to us in great detail. Our level of excitement was mounting up as the balloon kept gaining altitude. The view was breathtaking and hard to describe with words. You really have to experience something like that to get the idea. We got an unobstructed bird’s-eye view of the stunning desert and mountain scenery around and below. The pilot informed us that this was one of the highest flights available in the surrounding area.

When we went to the room, we noticed that the room was cleaned and re-organized. The lighting, temperature, and music were very soothing and just the kind of relaxation I was looking for in a Vegas hotel. The atmosphere is always at such a level. You hardly want any less from this city.

We stepped out and took a short walk to the Las Vegas strip. The place was completely packed and roaring, filled to the brim with an ocean of people walking up and down, taking pictures, and having a wonderful time. The breathtaking view of the finest architecture was a visual treat. We strolled on the Vegas strip for longer than we initially planned because there is so much to see, try, and do. We also tried our luck in the casinos, which was a fun experience, not as successful as we hoped it would be though. I mean a Vegas trip is never complete without a visit to the Casino and a couple of gambling rounds, right?

We also walked through the city’s downtown including obligatory visits to the icons of the city like the Bellagio, the Mirage, Luxor Hotel and casino, The MGM palace, and the rest of the amazing resorts. We also took short random breaks and stopped for drinks and short bites at different places. The excitement was never-ending as the neon lights colorfully lit the way ahead. I swear that Vegas walks never seem to tire you the same way other walks would.

We got back to the room late that night and had a good night’s sleep. We woke up the next morning and had a dip in the pool. The pool was big enough to swim a bit and perfectly clean. Then we went exploring and sightseeing again. Soon, our next attraction was decided. More than 100 feet taller than the London Eye, The High Roller is a gigantic attraction, one that affords some of the best views in Las Vegas. After this, we headed to the restaurant at Caesar’s Palace to indulge in a multi-cuisine, all-you-can-eat buffet.

Source: Taylor’s Tracks

We then decided to go shopping in the locales of Vegas Finally, before we went to the room, packed our bags, got ready, and came down to the reception to complete the checkout formalities. Again, we noticed the pro-active approach of the staff, as our bills were ready. During the entire stay, no matter where we went, we never waited for more than a few minutes. We made our pending payments quickly and left the premises.

Well, sadly this was a short trip to my favorite city in the world but still a life-changing and very memorable one. Of course, we did not feel like getting back there immediately as there were more places to explore and experience. However, I am sure we will be back sooner than we expect. The trip would not have been this great if not for the OYO Hotel and the staff and service of the resort. I am happy that I made the right choice for accommodation and I already know where I will reside the next time around. This time it is definitely going to be more than two days too!