Let’s be honest, the entire concept of being a successful sports manager is to be a natural born leader, but in order for them to efficiently and properly do their jobs, leaders need to have certain personality traits. Of course, some traits come naturally to them, while others can be gained by hard work and constant learning.

Whether you want to start a career as a sports director or if you simply want to read more about this occupation, you might be wondering – what are the top traits and techniques every sports manager needs to have? Fortunately, this article might shed some light on what you want to know. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Being Communicative

If there is one thing important in the entire management industry, it is the fact that a sports director needs to be excellent in both verbal and written communication, in fact, it’s essential for them. Although they might not be experienced at the moment, they could improve themselves with a little focus and will to learn.

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2. Being Fair Matters

When they’re dealing with their business partners or clients, they need to ensure that they treat all parties properly and fairly. This means that they should make consistent decisions without thinking twice about what is right and what is wrong. Additionally, when reviewing different disputes, the director needs to think of a solution that is fair and that involves equal treatment.

3. Honesty is The Key

Any manager should have the courage of conviction when it comes to pointing out what is wrong – no matter what is disputed at the moment. However, they also need to admit it whenever they make a mistake. Doing this could possibly help avoid potential scandals, if not, it is something that could completely break their careers.

Keep in mind, by not being honest to their team, coaches, or any other associates, they’ll easily and quickly lose their trust, which won’t only potentially ruin the careers, but it could also hurt the reputation and ranking of the teams. This is why most sports directors need to be completely honest about what is going on in the organization.

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4. Never Stop Learning

This is something that is important for any career out there – never stop learning about new things in your field! If they constantly keep learning, they’ll be able to demonstrate their commitment to their jobs, as well as gaining new skills and knowledge. This is something that also keeps them passionate about their jobs, which is quite important as well.

5. Being Selfless Might Be Needed

Becoming and being a sports manager is extremely time-consuming, daunting, and complex. And, at times, there might be a situation where a director will need to put their client’s fishes instead of looking after their best interest. Hence, understanding that their partner’s or clients’ needs to come first sometimes is important too.

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6. They Need to Be Team Players

Working in the sports industry is all about working in a team. So, the main goal of any manager is probably to assist all of their players playing in their team. Of course, they’ll need to always keep their client’s wishes in mind, however, without the players’ happiness, everything can fall apart.

This is why almost all directors consider themselves as a part of a much bigger team. Why? Well, according to Daniel Todorovic, a professional behind o1nesport.com, they need to work with various sponsors, coaches, players, as well as trainers in order to achieve one objective – to get what their clients want and to improve their team’s performance.

7. They Need to Be Trustworthy

All sports managers need to learn how to create trust and build a relationship with their players, superiors, and partners, as well as the financial department and anyone else that they need to cooperate closely with. Additionally, all managers know that revealing confidential information is never a good thing, which is why they always keep the information safe.

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8. They Learn How to Be Organized

Being and staying completely organized is quite difficult, however, in order for the managers to be successful, they need to learn how to be organized throughout the day. Besides this, multitasking is never something that is avoided by sports managers, which is why they always seem like they are doing three things at the same time.

9. The Players Need to Be Satisfied

The one thing all sports managers strive to achieve is total satisfaction from their players. So, some of the things that you might want to ensure are that they have a social area where they can eat or drink something, a clean and sanitized locker rooms, as well as a room where they can relax after a game or training.

Additionally, the spectators need to be satisfied as well, which means that you might want to include things such as protection for the seat from both the rain and sun, a large parking lot, and of course, a shop where they could purchase some essential things that they might need.

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10. They Need to Be Good Decision Makers

Now, we don’t mean that they need to decide right every time, instead, we mean that they need to make a reasonable decision and once they do, they must stick to it. Naturally, every manager will need to decide how they’ll be around their players, but, no matter what they choose, the managers need to be able to explain their plans and strategies.


As you were able to read, there is a wide range of traits and strategies a sports manager needs to learn. However, by learning some or all of the things mentioned in the article above, they could ensure a reliable relationship with their partners, but more importantly, they can ensure that they have a good relationship with the players.

So, now that you’re aware of all the things a sports manager needs to do, learn, and implement, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, open up your search browser, and start searching for more answers about the interesting and fun facts about being a sports manager.