Even with his demanding schedule, Zedd still finds the time to stay connected with his fans  on Twitter, and if you\’re lucky, you may get a response back.  If you\’re really lucky, you may just be invited to one of his shows for free.  This happens to be the case for a lucky fan named Carter Johnson from Atlanta, GA who goes by \”@cartermckenzie\” on Twitter.

On January 19th, Carter tweeted the DJ expressing how excited she was that he would be performing at the CounterPoint Music Festival this year.  She also mentioned how she would be undergoing multiple surgeries, and would recover just in time for the show.  Zedd replied to her tweet wishing her luck with her surgeries and that he would be seeing her at the festival.  Carter then responded to the tweet explaining that his music helps ease the pain while having her 5th and 6th knee surgeries.  Feeling sympathetic, Zedd tweeted CounterPoint asking them to place Carter on the list to see the show.  CounterPoint responded and accepted the DJ\’s request.

Carter then took to Twitter to express her happiness and gratitude for the gesture and is using the date of the show as \”a goal\” for her recovery.  For more information on the event, visit www.counterpointfestival.com.

Source: YourEDM