For those of you that don’t know what this Snake Pit thing is, lemme learn ya real quick. So there’s this thing called the Indianapolis 500 where a bunch of really fast cars go around a really big circle for 500 miles. Well back in 2011, some local DJs decided to turn the inside of this circle (rounded square for all you purists) into a day festival type event to go wild listening to loud EDM while louder cars were whizzing around you. Come seven years later and Snake Pit has evolved into one of the biggest EDM shows in the Midwest, matching many prestigious festivals in the area and coming with just as firepower packed lineups.

That being said, we have decided to let you guys and gals have a go at The Pit for free with a four ticket giveaway hosted on our page! All you’ve got to do is follow the instructions down below, wear your lucky socks and pray to the EDM gods for a good ol blessing and you too could be one of those thousands sweaty beer covered faces jamming out to your favorite artists!

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