Working from home in your PJs is great and all, but sometimes you have to brave the elements and head into the office. Be the fashionable trendsetter around the office with these chic ways to style your snow boots for a sophisticated winter wardrobe.

While comfort is usually at the forefront of this style of shoe, you can still put a fashionable spin on them if you know what pieces work together!

1. Choose a pair of snow boots with a sleek design


Look for a pair with a slim profile that has a waterproof upper, a thick rubber sole, and plenty of cushioning inside. If you want an extra touch of style, choose a snow boot with accents such as fur trims or eye-catching laces.

These details can give your boots the perfect finishing touch and make them more suitable for wearing in an office environment. The right boots should fit comfortably and look stylish while providing superior warmth and protection.

2. Opt for a neutral color

Neutral colors will go with just about anything, making them ideal for the workplace. Leather snow boots in black or brown are timeless and will last you through several cold seasons.

In addition to choosing a neutral color, make sure your snow boots are made from breathable materials like nylon and synthetic materials for maximum warmth and comfort during the winter months.

Black leather snow boots coordinate easily with pants, skirts, and dresses alike and can go from work to a weekend outing if paired with smartly selected pieces.

3. Pair them with tailored trousers


For a professional yet stylish look, try wearing your snow boots with tapered trousers, such as chinos or wool pants. Keep the rest of your outfit streamlined and uncluttered by choosing neutral tones such as navy, black or beige.

Layering with a fitted jacket can also be an option for added warmth and style. For a more laid-back but still polished look, choose slim-fitting cargo trousers or corduroys and add a simple colored sweater to complete the outfit.

With this approach to dressing in colder weather, you’ll have no problem stepping out in style on your way to work. To find a boot model that compliments you best, check out

4. Choose a chunky knit sweater or a structured blazer

To ensure that your snow boots don’t ruin your professional look, choose pieces for the top that can help offset their chunky style. Chunky knit sweaters offer a cozy look while still maintaining a bit of structure and formality.

If you want to keep things more business-y, balance the bulk of the boots with structured blazers or other fitted pieces that won’t be too overbearing on top. For example, a tailored coat or blazer with an oversized scarf can look chic and office-appropriate without sacrificing comfort in cold temperatures.

5. Add a belt to your outfit


Belts add a stylish and tailored finish to any outfit. Choose an accessory that complements the color or pattern of your boots for added effect. Wide, bold belts work well with chunkier boots; these contrast skinny or mid-width belts for a refined look.

If you’re wearing the boots with a coat, match up the color of the belt with either your coat or the snow boot style to create a more unified look. And don’t forget to adjust where you clasp the belt so that it fits neatly under the part of your top that covers your waistband.

6. Wear a statement necklace or earrings

Every look should always be graced with a quality piece of jewelry. That is why you should have in mind that visiting a reputable jewelry shop is always a good idea.

Statement jewelry is a great way to add style and personality to any outfit. Necklaces and earrings featuring interesting details like colorful gemstones, chunky chains, and playful pendants can be the perfect finishing touch for your office look.

This winter, try pairing a sleek kick-pleated skirt with a pair of stylish snow boots, topped off with an eye-catching statement necklace and matching earrings. Not only will you stay warm but you’ll also dress to impress!

7. Add a hat or scarf for a pop of color


To add a little color and personality to your winter office look, try pairing your snow boots with a hat or scarf. Modern knitted beanies, fedoras, and headbands are all easy ways to keep warm while making a style statement. Top off the look with a patterned scarf or a cozy fur wrap for extra warmth.

A colorful beanie is always cute worn slightly off-center and can go with almost any outfit you have planned for work. Scarves come in every imaginable pattern and can provide an extra touch of flair for even the most basic coat and boot combo.

Whether you prefer bright colors, classic neutrals, or a mix of both, try experimenting with a different hat and scarf styles until you find something that makes you feel fashionable yet functional during the winter season!

8.  Wear a midi-length skirt

Pairing a midi-length straight or pleated skirt with snow boots is a chic way to make sure that you are properly dressed for the weather. The higher hemline of the skirt will ensure that your outfit has some shape and structure, even with the chunky snow boots.

Try to keep your skirt tailored and fitted to avoid any bulkiness, as this can make the look seem sloppy and ill-fitting. As far as colors go, opting for neutrals such as beige, black or dark blue are stylish options that won’t detract from the statement your boots will make.

9. Opt for a dress with a structured silhouette


A traditional structured silhouette like the sheath dress is by far the most polished and elegant way to wear snow boots for a professional look. The fitted bodice paired with the straight hem of a sheath dress gives the feeling of sleekness, while a full skirt is best reserved for more formal occasions.

Choose hemlines that don’t compete with the boots, such as midi or maxi lengths (or even asymmetrical hemlines). Balance out your look by selecting a dress with dramatic contrast: if you’re wearing light-colored snow boots, choose an equally bright-colored dress and dark-colored accessories.

Similarly, if you’re wearing dark winter boots, opt for a light shade of dress and neutral accessories. For instance — a black midi sheath dress with light gray over-the-knee boots or a white midi mini skirt worn with cobalt blue winter ankle boots. Any solution that allows you to showcase your snow boots while still looking professional will do!

10. Wear a pair of tights or leggings

If you are looking to stay warm while also staying within your corporate dress code, wearing a pair of lightweight tights or leggings beneath your accepted workwear can be a great way to go.

Tights or leggings come in a variety of materials such as wool, cotton, and tweed that layer nicely under dark-colored pants. You can also find denim or faux leather leggings for some added texture.



When dressing for the office in winter months, snow boots may not seem like an obvious choice. But with a little inventive styling, you can find chic ways to look professional and stay warm. Consider shoes with a low heel, subtle detailing, an interesting texture, or natural colors to add sophistication to your look.

Accessorize with features such as fur pom-poms and buckles. Layer up your outfit with opaque tights, over-the-knee socks, and colorful scarves to create a unique look that will help keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Whether you’re living in colder climates for the holidays or braving the chill through February, don’t shy away from the chance to embrace winter fashion!