There\’s no doubt that feature films can get quite expensive to make, but a sizeable portion actually goes to either creating music, as in a score or original soundtrack, or obtaining the rights to use popular music in scenes as well. Now, depending on the artist, and as well as the song, the popularity does have a definite factor on the price. However, the licensing rights for electronic music legends Daft Punk\’s music has recently came to light via The Hollywood Reporter, and it would cost approximately $1 million to obtain licensing rights for films. But that doesn\’t necessarily mean they wouldn\’t cut you a sweet deal.

Independent film director Mia Hansen-Love decided to create a movie that focuses on \”the rise of the French electronic-music boom in the 1990\’s\”. Love\’s upcoming project, entitled \”Eden\”, wants to have a huge focus on her brother, Sven, who was a french DJ and his friends, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, or better known as Daft Punk – frankly because they are by far the biggest electronic music duo to come out of France. Unfortunately, being as Love is an independent film director, she simply didn\’t have the budget for such licensing rights – and insisted she wouldn\’t make the film without actual Daft Punk music. Fortunately, Love\’s brother, Sven, was still in contact with Bangalter, and forwarded him a script and his sister\’s desires. Bangalter loved the script, and told Hansen-Love she could havethree tracks for 3,000 Euros (approximately $3,700) a piece, which totaled to $11,100. Compared to a million bucks, I think I\’m gonna hit up Bangalter next time I have a Daft Punk movie idea. Despite the awesome deal, Mia\’s project \”Eden\” is moving forward and is slated to be released in Spring 2015. Check out the trailer to Eden below.