The production skills of Valentin Brunn a.k.a. Virtual Riot continue to amaze anyone who listens. He is currently sitting at the number 1 spot on the dubstep Beatport charts with his collaboration with Razihel \”One For All, All For One\” that we posted about a week ago here. AND he still has the number 8 spot along with Helicopter Showdown with \”Cali Born\” that we also posted about here. He just threw up this glitch-hop masterpiece \”Mr. Mittens Groove\”, complete with a hilarious music video featuring the cute and cuddly Mr. Mittens. A super-funky intro leads into some crazy glitch-womps that definitely have some influence from the glitch-hop gods Koan Sound. This a high quality production that accurately represents the pure talent of Virtual Riot and deserves a listen, and a watch.