An overwhelming majority of laymen reckon that veganism is nothing else but a popular trend. Sadly, they cannot be more wrong, since both the teeth structure and the constitution of our digestive system prefer to be treated with nutrients coming from plants. The ones aware of the fact do their best to give their bodies what they need. Unfortunately, they mostly depend on what they can find in local markets and often run out of options for a tasty snack in the long run.

Thus, we recommend you go through the following lines and find out about easy on-the-go vegan meal ideas to try in 2024, not only to enrich the table spectrum for your health but also for your palate’s pleasure.

1. Vegan Pizza


You do not have to be a master chef to make a delicious pizza from all-natural ingredients. In a nutshell, you can either use a ready-made variant or mix your dough. Since we are talking about on-the-go ideas, we recommend you stick to a finished product and enrich it with whatever you enjoy eating before placing it in the oven.

Obviously, it is hard to imagine a fine slice of pizza without tomato sauce and cheese, thus, do your homework and go to a local store and pick the vegan substitute you prefer and keep on pounding the veggies on the base until you have the perfect combination. We advise you to sprinkle your craft with some olive oil before baking since it should enhance the flavor and deliver a crispy sensation to whatever you choose to add to your vegan pizza.

2. Veggie Burgers


Who says that burgers are not for vegans? Probably the uninformed ones. Fortunately, now you can treat yourself to a seriously delicious meal that combines the tasty and the healthy without wasting a large portion of your time.

The catch lies in the ingredients, so you can either buy already prepared burgers or craft your own. If you opt for the second option, we suggest you base your burger mixture on greens rich in protein. Thus, consider wheat germs, chickpeas, and different types of flour to be your most faithful allies on the venture.

An overwhelming majority of vegan home cooks struggle not to break their perfectly shaped burgers. To master the craft, we propose you use egg replacement products that should keep the mixture together. Additionally, if you prefer to keep it natural, we suggest you use starch and make sure you keep it real in terms of burger size. Finally, add your favorite spices and enhance the pleasure with some pickled onions and fresh salad combined with tahini or any other dressing you prefer.

3. Shakes


Do not get us wrong, but we should underline that vegan shakes are ideal regardless of what you base your diet on, precisely when you consider the impact they make on one’s health. If you want to learn about peculiar recipes that couth our eye, you should read more.

On the other hand, we shall introduce you to the basics of making one at your place. What you need is a blender and any type of liquid that should merge the ingredients into a whole. We suggest you go for almond or soy milk since they both taste good and are rich in proteins.

If you are using a juicer, then you do not need the binder because all the squeezed moist pleasures should mix easily. Finally, pick fruit and veggies and make a perfect healthy treat for yourself and your friends. Try adding some spices to the shake to make it even more exotic, and feel free to experiment. Think about the nutmeg and vanilla if you prefer a sweet taste, but do not forget about black pepper if you want to spice up the experience a bit more.

4. Beans and Lentils Soup


A healthy soup should always be on the menu, so we suggest you try this out as soon as you get the opportunity. You can mix the ingredients or make them separately, but make sure you soak them the night before to soften their shell and discard the remaining water the day after.

Your venture starts by heating the pan covered with oil and adding some nicely sliced onions. Make sure you add some salt and pepper right at the beginning so the onion would release its juices and merge them with the spice ideally. The next step includes adding sliced carrot and mixing the combination until it softens.

Finally, you should merge everything with some beans in a larger pot and fill it up with some water. Make sure you are mixing the soup now and then to prevent burning. Once the beans soften, we suggest you add a few garlic cloves and nicely cut parsley. Since the water evaporates, you can either add some more or use tomato juice to compensate for the loss. The venture might take a while, but you should end up with a delicious meal that might last a few days. That is if you do not eat it right away.

5. Vegan Mayonnaise


Even though it is not a full meal, it is still considered one of the most missed dressing by the ones who said farewell to cuisines based on animal products. We do not talk about supermarket solutions, moreover, we suggest you try making vegan mayonnaise at your place.

Firstly, you will need some chickpeas. The catch is to boil them and use the juice that remains after the process. Now, the rest of the recipe includes a spoon of mustard, vinegar, and sugar, and a half spoon of salt. Once you extract the aquafaba, fill one/sixth of a jar with it mixed with the remaining ingredients, and add the sunflower oil.

Make sure you leave some place to fit a stick blender since you would need it to make a creamy dressing. Finally, press the button and see the magic happens.

Hopefully, the aforementioned suggestions on how to make your vegan diet more diverse while you do not spend too much time on the experience have given you enough material to work on. A vegan diet does not have to be boring, moreover, it should potentiate you discover something new with each bite.