Often found in various smoke stores and online shops, Kratom is a tropical plant that comes from South Asia. For hundreds of years, people have been using it to treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions, such as pain and inflammation, however, it can also be used for anxiety and depression.

If you are thinking about trying it, you might now be wondering – what should I know about this plant and how can I use it for treating or alleviating the symptoms of depression and/or anxiety? Well, this is exactly what this article can help you with. Let’s take a look at what you should know about this plant:

How Can it Help Me With Depression And Anxiety?


A wide range of people turns to kratom for managing anxiety and depression, which are characterized by various symptoms including an increased heart rate, rapid breathing, low focus, restlessness, and insomnia. Well, it works in the same way as other medicine, and its effects are somewhat sedative.

However, when compared with other medications used for alleviating the symptoms of these two conditions, this particular plant is not addictive. This is why a lot of people opt for consuming it. For example, it can help with improving your sleep cycle and patterns, hence, people who suffer from insomnia might find it easier to fall asleep.

Also, it does have medicinal alkaloids, substances that are known for providing a calming effect on the mind and body. Hence, it can also be used for calming emotions during panic or anxiety attacks. If you have problems concentrating at work due to depression, it can help you with that as well.

Besides helping you with these two conditions, it can also help you with relieving pain, muscle and joint pain, tiredness, high blood pressure, PTSD, and so on. It also has anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties, which means that it can help you with other things at the same time.

How Can I Consume it?

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This tropical plant comes in a wide range of shapes and forms, however, the most common forms include:

  1. Capsules And Tablets – you can find shops that offer this plant in the form of capsules and tablets. By choosing this type, you’ll be able to eliminate the taste entirely, you won’t need to clean up your kitchen, and you can take it without anyone ever knowing. Hence, if you want convenience, you can opt for this form.
  2. Tea – you can also opt for making tea. For it, you’ll need a saucepan, a filter for coffee, the strain you want, as well as lemon. Luckily, there are various platforms such as kratom mate that offer guides on preparing it, hence, before you actually prepare tea from this plant, you should do some research first.
  3. Tinctures – Tinctures are extracts of a plant dissolved in ethyl alcohol. You can choose to take it in the form of tinctures, however, there is one thing to keep in mind – it is incredibly messy, but, you’ll get powerful outcomes. Just taking 10 drops of it will do wonders.
  4. Leaves – the original consumption method was chewing on the plant’s leaves. This was, of course, popular before harvesters started processing them, however, you can still do it today. Additionally, chewing on them will give you immediate effects, hence, if you need to calm yourself down as soon as you can, this might be the best option for you.
  5. Adding it to Beverages – if you absolutely have the taste and smell of it, you can mix it with your favorite beverage. This can be anything from orange and apple juice to coffee and chocolate milk. This will entirely mask the taste and it will provide positive effects.
  6. Adding it to Food – besides adding it to your favorite drink, you can also add it to various foods such as yogurt, pastry, creams, sauces, and so on. You might need to learn how much you should put it the meal you are making, especially if you want to avoid it becoming bitter.
  7. Chewing Gum – there are various companies that produce kratom gum. Naturally, the gum will have additives that actually make it a gum. However, you should know that it might not be as effective as other consumption methods on this list, mostly because it does have additives.

What is The Dose I Should Consume?

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Similarly to other medicine, the dose you should consume will depend on your gender, how old you are, weight, height, and your overall health. Like everything else, it is recommended that you begin with a smaller dose, and then gradually increase it until you determine that you got the effects you want.

Additionally, how you consume it and which strain you choose is also an important thing to consider. For starters, you can choose to take a low to a moderate amount which is one to five grams. This will most likely help you with your energy levels and concentration.

After some time, you can increase it to a high amount which is from five to fifteen grams. Besides alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms, it will also help you with pain and inflammation. It is not recommended that you consume more than fifteen grams since it can cause you to be sedated, which will in return, increase the risk of you experiencing negative side effects.

Before we finish this article, there is one more thing that is worth mentioning – you should talk to your doctor about consuming kratom if you are on other medications, especially since it can interfere with the medicine that you take every day. Hence, before actually using it, consult your physician first.



There you have it – kratom can be used for alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms, however, it will also help you with other conditions and ailments at the same time. Of course, the strain you choose and the consumption method will be entirely up to you, hence, you can choose what suits your needs and requirements best.

So, now that you know what this plant can help you with, as well as how you can consume it, you should not waste your time anymore. Instead, start browsing online stores, determine which strain might be best for you, and alleviate your anxiety and depression symptoms right away!