Regardless of the stigma surrounding sex, it is never possible to have a happy married life without a good sex life. Sex between a married couple has many psychological as well as physical benefits. For example, a couple with frequent sexual intimacy is known to have reduced stress, greater emotional connection, enhanced intimacy, and most important of all, lower divorce rates.

Hence it is important to keep your sexual life spiced up, which can often be a challenging undertaking for people. In order to have a successful marriage, couples must have a variety of sexual experiences. Nonetheless, different types of sex can help a couple maintain better intimacy. Therefore, let’s take a look at them. Here are four types of sex that every couple should have at their disposal.

1. Conventional Scheduled Sex


When it comes to sexual activities between a married couple, spontaneous and other types of sex steal the spotlight. However, conventional scheduled sex is just as important or even more important in reality. When a couple is indulged in scheduled sex, this action alone depicts the partners’ priorities. Everybody leads a busy life these days, but making time for your partner is of the utmost importance, and what better way to depict that priority than conventional scheduled sex.

This might not sound romantic, but it is imperative for anyone who wishes to build and maintain a healthy sex life. Most experts can also attest that scheduled sex is very important for a married couple. In addition, contrary to conventional perception, this type of sex has no adverse effects on partners’ arousal. However, if this becomes an issue, there is always an alternative to spice things up with innovative strap-ons toys.

2. Makeup Sex


This is the best type of sex any married couple can ever have. It is no secret that couples fight; there will still be fights regardless of how understanding or mature a partner is. People often say that fighting is good for keeping the fire alive amongst a couple. While this is correct to a certain extent, its logic is different from what one might assume. Any fight can strengthen a couple only when they can try to get over their pride and differences and make up for the greater good.

Hence it is not the fight that strengthens the bond between the couple, but it is the part where both compromises to find common ground and do away with their differences. Adding sex on top of this equation can be very effective in further solidifying the bond between the couple. The heightened emotions and impulses after a fight can effectively enhance the sexual experience further.

3. Spontaneous Sex


The best thing about getting married is that the couple will be together most of the time. This gives them ample time to fool around whenever they want to and express their emotions to each other. This can often lead to unplanned sexual encounters, which is a great way to keep the magic alive in a marriage. Spontaneous sex enables couples to express their feelings and emotions in a way they would not in general. This unexpected and spontaneous way of showing your emotion and feelings to your partner can be great for your married life.

It is mainly recommended for couples who have been married for a prolonged period. This way, you can assure your partner that you still find them just as attractive and appealing as you did in the initial stages of your marriage. In addition, it is a great way for couples to take a break from their conventional lives and spend some quality time with each other. You can even try out some of the best strap ons toys or best penis extender sleeves to enhance the experience further. Get your toys here

4. Holiday Sex


Vacations or holidays gives couples an exciting chance to stop being who they are for the time being and embrace change. A little change every once in a while can always be good for marriage in terms of keeping the spark alive between the couple. Therefore, it is highly recommended that couples take a break from conventional sexual practices and try out something new in their sexual lives, especially when on a holiday or vacation.

This allows couples to try out many new and exciting ways to spice things up between themselves and embrace a new side of their partner, which would be the holiday personality. For instance, one could enjoy some Zoro Strap-ons as the new, unfamiliar setting is ideal for experimentation. This also helps couples make great memories with each other and elevate their level of intimacy to a whole new level.

All couples should periodically engage in sex that is a little more daring. The term “adventurous” encompasses a wide range of behaviours, from just trying out a new position or touch to extending foreplay or even having sex outside of the bedroom. As long as you’re keeping things private and exclusive, you’re free to experiment with new ways to satisfy each other’s sexual desires.

Bottom Line

You and your spouse will both benefit from sex’s psychological consequences, which include connection and intimacy. Studies have shown that having sex with your spouse makes you happier and healthier. This, on the other hand, refers to sexual activity that involves both partners fully. Energizing sex generates endorphins, which are crucial for improving mood, reducing irritation, and preventing sadness. The hormone oxytocin, which is released during sexual stimulation, aids in the formation of bonds and the experience of safety and closeness.

Everything is better with sex, and marriage is no different. Therefore, when you find someone worth spending your entire life with, you must make them feel loved and appreciated to keep the spark alive. Unfortunately, simply cooking or helping your partner does not always cut it, so make sure you try out these types of sex with your partner and see tangible differences for yourself.