Surprise! No one wants to play at Trump\’s inaugural ball.

It\’s almost like déjà vu: Donald Trump had a hard enough time finding someone to perform at his inauguration, and finding acts to play at his inauguration ball is proving equally as difficult.

Scheduled for Thursday, January 19th at the Hyatt Regency, the All American Ball “is a toast to American culture, featuring a stellar list of special guests, plus multiple areas of entertainment and attractions, which represent the diversity, energy and promise of America.”

Incidentally, Trump\’s \”stellar list\” is not all that stellar. The bill includes Nashville native Beau Davidson, who will be performing hits from his most recent album, \”The American Gentleman\”. Next on the lineup is The Reagan Years, who yes, will only perform music released during Ronald Regan\’s presidency. Other highly notable acts include a wedding band called The Mixx, and the Star Spangled Singers. Last but not least, various DJ sets from DJ Romin, DJ Young Rye, DJ Flow, and of course, DJ FREEDOM.

If you see your favorite artist on the bill, you can snag a ticket to the event for $350. You decide: Lollapalooza, or DJ Freedom.