It seems that when it comes to snagging a beat or two, Deadmau5 is the one to rip off. Not too long ago Wildstylez was accused of ripping chord progression of “Some Chords” in his then recently released track \’Straightforward\’.

This new accusation coming from the mau5 twitter account accused Trey Songz new song \’Touchin, Lovin\’ of ripping of a melody from Deadmau5\’s 5 year old remix of a Calvin Harris track called \’I’m Not Alone\’. Although to me it isn\’t exactly the same, it has been changed by slowing down the melody.

The resemblance can be herd quite well if you listen to 1:45 on Trey’s new \”track\” and 4:45 of deadmau5′s remix of \’I’m Not Alone\’ Listen to the remix below! What do you guys think!?

@TreySongz … really dude? like… why?

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) August 18, 2014

why can’t these fucking pop acts just rip off Sandstorm or something? — deadmau5 (@deadmau5) August 18, 2014

whats this guy worth? a million or 2? even if i had no fucking talent whatsoever, bet i could find a fucking kid to “make a beat” for 500$.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) August 18, 2014