2014 has been hands-down one of the most interesting years in electronic music. We\’ve seen the rise and fall of trends, genres, references, and collaborations, and have watched the tastes and appeals of artists and listeners fluctuate and evolve. One of the most exciting and groundbreaking revolutions this year has been the rise of barrier-breaking sounds and genres. Small, tight-knit communities of listeners have shifted their focus from the festival stage to the small time producer, where boundaries are blended, erased, and redefined before our eyes. These communities, gaining in awareness and followers daily, have nudged some of their best and most promising artists into the spotlight. It\’s artists like these that are heading the movements and styles of tomorrow. With 2014 coming to a close, the new year brings with it a slew of fresh, humble acts that are looking to diversify and expand the world of electronic music. Although there are far too many to name, we\’ve chosen 10 acts to watch out for as 2015 begins (in no particular order).

#10: Diversa

Hailing from New Jersey, up-and-comer producer Diversa is truly a sight to behold. With a relaxed but strongly emotional center, his tracks break the divide between hip-hop, future bass, and trap. His sound is completely original and despite his young age, Diversa has already found his true voice.


Another East Coast native, ABSRDST (pronounced ab-SUR-dist) is heavily inspired by the good old days of Nintendo 64 and the chiptune aesthetic. Relying on copious amounts of recognizable samples and an ever-changing arrangement, the energy in his tracks is unlike anything else. With complex melodies and killer production, ABSRDST\’s fanbase can only be fated to grow.

#8: Slumberjvck

Australia has had a big year in the electronic scene. Two of its most promising contributors, under the name Slumberjvck, are redefining the limits of trap. With a slightly more melodic approach, their beats hit harder than you would think possible. They\’ve put out loads of remixes, collaborations, and originals, and continue to grow within the trap and future bass community. For something that sounds both unique and familiar, give these guys a look.


#7: Naderi

Even though Australia-native Naderi has only released one official remix so far, his rise to the top is imminent. Working in close quarters with Flume and Emoh Instead of What So Not and helping them mature their sound, Naderi has professionally-honed production abilities that are ready for the festival scene. His style is reminiscent of What So Not, but takes on a life all its own.

#6: Chloe Martini

For something a little more slow and sensual, look no further than Poland\’s Chloe Martini. Influenced by R&B and Jersey Club styles, her tracks will definitely make you feel some type of way. With remixes of Destiny\’s Child, Sia, Ciara and the like, as well as countless originals, this 21 year old producer could teach a master class on Soul. Check her out below:


#5: Kayzo

Bringing up the DnB/Hardstyle category is Los Angeles\’ Kayzo. Already widely-known for his grimy and visceral style, Kayzo has gotten support from such artists as Rell the Soundbender, Lookas, and Seek N Destroy. His tracks feature sleek production while maintaining an unstoppable energy that will get you moving.



#4: Slander

If you\’ve been to an EDM festival recently, there\’s no doubt you haven\’t heard a Slander track or two played out. The Los Angeles duo\’s style is best heard on the main stage, where their epic trap flips bring festival-goers to their knees. These boys are destined for the headliner spot, and are most definitely ones to look out for in the coming year.


#3: Mr. Carmack

Perhaps one of the most exciting artists of this year has been Hawaii-native Mr. Carmack. His association with Los Angeles-based labels Soulection and HW&W have given him the opportunity to foster his sound in a bubbling melting pot of originality. His production and style rival some of the best producers in music\’s history, and his future in the industry is anything but fading. This guy will be around for quite awhile.


#2: Troyboi

One of our favorites on the site, Troyboi has been quickly growing over the last year. With his fresh and complex take on trap using unheard-of percussion and synths, Troyboi looks to be changing the game from the inside out. His new collaboration with Flosstradamus is on the verge of being released, and his originals are standalone hits of their own. With his newfound recognition, you\’ll be seeing Troyboi\’s name a lot as 2015 rolls in.

#1: Sophie

Getting featured more and more by EDM\’s top artists, Sophie\’s mysterious presence and completely fresh style will make you question everything you know about music. His tracks sound like something out of an alien\’s nightmare, but maintain an approachability that will satisfy your palette. Sophie may be the founder of tomorrow\’s music revolution, so make sure you get acquainted before entering the new year.