A beautiful, well-groomed lawn that looks like a dense green carpet is neither a gift from nature nor a consequence of some magic elixirs. To get a smooth and attractive lawn, you need to maintain it with various tools.

1. Lawn Leveling Rake

Source: Ryan Knorr Lawn Care

This tool is essential to achieve density and avoid bald patches on your lawn. The market offers many different options for such a device. You can check out reviews of the best ones at Bumper Crop Times.

A homeowner needs this rake both in autumn and spring. A leveling rake lifts the sticky grass that remains after the winter snowfalls. Thus, the soil can be saturated with air and nutrients that are necessary for plant growth. Through this procedure, the roots of herbs can get everything they need. This tool will also come in handy in the fall to prepare the grass for the cold weather.

In winter and autumn, lawn areas can drown due to poor planning, inefficient drainage, or heavy rainfall. For these reasons, the lawn can lose its pleasant appearance, which may also lead to difficulties with mowing the grass or rotting, as water will remain in the resulting holes. Either way, a leveling rake will help you keep your lawn not only flat on the outside but also healthy in terms of aeration and root system.

2. Lawnmower

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An attractive lawn cannot be achieved without a reliable and efficient lawnmower. An electric lawn mower may work for small to medium-sized properties. This tool is suitable for you if there are no problems in the connection to an electric current source on your site. Besides, this option is more environmentally-friendly. When buying an electric lawnmower, you need to take care of the extension cord immediately, which will provide sufficient safety and ease of use.

Choosing an electric lawnmower, it is essential to pay attention to the possibility of side discharge of grass and the mulching function. The latter is convenient because the cutting mechanism of the device significantly crushes the grass during mowing so that you don’t need to remove it from the surface of the lawn. Chopped grasses fall to the ground and rot, acting as additional fertilizer.

The gas lawn mower is suitable if there is no possibility of convenient use of the electric option or the lawn area is large. Gasoline lawn mowers are powerful and demanding devices, usually equipped with engines that require regular maintenance. You should pour oil and gasoline separately into them, and most gasoline mowers should not be tilted too much not to flood the engine.

3. Trimmer

It is a low-power tool used for small areas and edges of large lawns. It uses a line (cord) to cut the grass. That’s why its second name is a cord lawnmower. The trimmer is usually used to level the lawn in hard-to-reach places. This tool is essential if you have flower beds, trees, or shrubs. It’s handy to use something more agile and lightweight in these places.

A gas trimmer is excellent for maintaining roll lawns and controlling weeds over large areas. Its main advantages are autonomy and high performance due to a long operating cycle. You can also use an electric trimmer.

Electric trimmers have a reasonably short duty cycle: even for more powerful models, it usually does not exceed 15-20 minutes. However, the listed flaws are not of serious importance if you need to mow a small lawn area.

The trimmer is an indispensable addition to the lawnmower when the green surface of a roll lawn has uneven boundaries. In this case, it is merely impossible to cut the lawn properly without a nimble trimmer in such places.

4. Garden Pitchfork/Aerator

Source: Swardman

It is a necessary tool that allows mechanical aeration. To do this, pierce the sod with a pitchfork and slightly raise it. It helps the air to enter the soil. In large areas, it is rational to use a mechanical aerator. In some cases, you can limit yourself to piercing the turf not throughout the entire area but only in the most compact places. You can also use an electric aerator if your site is large.

Aeration is essential for a healthy-looking lawn. Growing moss drowns out the vegetation, making uneven patches. The same happens if the seeds are sown very thickly. By cutting through the turf and extracting any deposits that interfere with the plants’ growth, you give your lawn the freedom to develop. This way, oxygen and water access is improved. The roots rejuvenate and develop, which has a beneficial effect on the lawn’s look. Besides, the sharpened blades cut the roots of the weeds, preventing their growth.

5. Fan-Type Rakes

Source: Trees.com

A lawn rake is a must have for creating an attractive lawn look. It is not possible to completely protect the green carpet from debris, even for a professional gardener. Leaves, branches, dried grass accumulate and give a lawn a messy look. It is necessary to get rid of them immediately, as well as take care of the cut grass. Otherwise, the lawn grass will suffer.

Ordinary garden rakes do not work as effectively as fan-type options with levelling teeth. By the way, you can also use a garden vacuum cleaner for cleaning large areas.

A fan-type rake not only removes negative coverage from the lawn but also lifts loose grass. This procedure is recommended before cutting. It will help to keep the lawn straight as there will be no flattened areas.

Enjoy Your Emerald Lawn

If you do not already have a set of all the necessary lawn tools, now you know where to start or how to supplement an existing set. To keep the lawn neat and level, you need to apply certain methods to provide oxygen to the roots. You should also regularly use a lawnmower and fan rake to clean your lawn so that it doesn’t look unkempt or with bald spots. Of course, the amount of work depends on the season, and some of the procedures may vary depending on this factor. In any case, having the necessary tools will make it much easier for you to make your lawn even and maintain its rich color.