The festivities surrounding the \”I Am Hardwell\” documentary are in full swing, but survey says the best has yet to come for Robbert van de Corput. One month ago today, it was leaked that following the initial vote count of the DJ Mag top 100 poll, Hardwell had allegedly clinched the coveted #1 spot ahead of Armin Van Buuren and Avicii (allegedly taking 2nd and 3rd respectively). The DJ Mag poll results will not be revealed until tomorrow, October 19th, however, in one man\’s mind, Hardwell has undoubtedly clinched #1. It seemed fitting in so many ways that Tiësto be the first to call it with \”100 percent\” certainty on the red carpet at the premiere of the \”I Am Hardwell\” documentary, a film by Hardwell following his journey to stardom.

“I know 100-percent sure, Mr. Hardwell is going to be number one. And I believe in him, because he did so well this year and he has so many loyal followers which is very important. He has a lot of great music, he’s done a great job, and he had a great show at Tomorrowland; he played amazing. So, it makes sense.”  – Tiësto

Additionally, there are some interesting correlations between Tiësto and Hardwell\’s previous rankings. Both DJ\’s at one point debuted on the poll at #24, and both subsequently jumped to #6. In Tiësto\’s third year, he was #1 which begs the question…will history repeat itself?  All will be revealed tomorrow when 2013\’s Top 100 DJ\’s are officially announced.

Check out Tiësto and others talk about the poll at the red carpet premiere for \”I Am Hardwell\” below: