We were wondering how to keep an infestation at bay or treat pests in your home or office? We have the answers.

Nobody wants to share their home with pests. Whether it be cockroaches that are scaring you in the night or whether it be rodents that are chewing through your walls, the time has come to do something about it.

We put together this list of five things that you should know about pest control before you decide to start laying traps. Taking care of a pest problem can be done humanely. Let us find out how.

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Eleven Things You Should Consider Before Taking Care of Pests

Here are eleven things to know about pest control before you rush off and buy a glue trap.

1. Extermination may be the best option

If you have become overrun by your pest problem and no longer know where to turn, extermination might be the best option. When you hire masterspestcontrolsydney.com.au, they have years of experience and humane care of your pests. But, unfortunately, will we start out removing pests with the best intentions? Unfortunately, it often ends up that our inexperience causes unnecessary suffering to the animals we are trying to be rid of.

2. Eliminating their food source can help

Pests, rodents, and bugs will only stay in an area if they have plenty of food. If you remove that food source, the chances are that they will move on looking for another. This means keeping on top of spills and rotting food. All cooking areas must be kept impeccably clean. Any food dropped on the floor must be picked up immediately. This is easier to say than to do, particularly if you have children.

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3. It is hard to keep them out

Although considered the largest of pests, rats can squeeze into your property through holes as small as one inch across. It is tough to keep an animal out of your property if it can fit through a space the size of a dollar coin. Likewise, cockroaches and termites can get in with even less space. Sometimes blocking up the holes just is not enough to solve your pest problem.

4. Catch and Release

Some exterminators can offer a catch and release program, which means that your pests are caught within your home and released back into the wild far from your house. However, the service tends only to be offered for more significant problems such as rabbits, raccoons, or rodents. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic way to get rid of the pest from your property since it means that nobody suffers any harm.

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5. Pests Love Heat

Be it rodents, raccoons, or a deluge of cats; pests love warmth. Regardless of the type of animal, they probably came to your home in the first place looking for shelter. Take away this warmth, and you take away their reason to be within your property. Combining this method with removing their food source is often enough to deal with the problem.

6. The Best Method of Pest Control

When you are taking care of a pest problem, it is important to know the process you will go through. Knowing this ahead of time helps prevent suffering and distress on both sides. This is why we think you should only use humane methods with thorough training for all our staff members. These methods do not involve chemicals or poisons which can be harmful to your health as well as the environment. We believe in doing things right the first time around with the greatest possible benefits for everyone involved with least suffering possible especially when it comes to pest control.

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7. Your Pets May Be Affected by Pesticides

Many people think that they need to use chemicals in order to keep their home pest free. However, the chemicals used in the majority of pest control products are dangerous for your family and pets. Many rat poisons cause blockages when ingested by rodents but also pose great risk to any person or animal who eats them.

8. Be Careful with Glue Traps

Glue traps rip out the stomachs of innocent animals that step on this contraption. This is not only cruel but will also leave blood around your house until you can get it cleaned up. However, there are humane methods which do not hurt any living creature involved in pest control processes such as trapping using special kinds of glue or snap traps.

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9. You Must Keep Your Pets Safe

Dogs and cats are very curious animals and they will try to attack the pest. It is important to keep your pets safe while getting rid of pests by using humane methods such as snap traps or proper training on how to deal with them. The same goes for your family members, use caution when you are trying to eliminate rodents at home so that children do not get hurt.

10. Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Can Be Harmful

There are cases where people try DIY pest control because it seems like an economical option however this may cost you more in the long run since it can be harmful not only for your home but also for your health. Also, remember that many local laws prohibit any do-it-yourself methods if the property owner lives in an apartment.

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11. Pest Control is not only about Rodents or Bugs

There are many different pests that can potentially be found within your homes such as mice, rats, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and even bats. Also there are types of animals that could potentially be found in your home such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, rats, and even bears. If this happens to you do not try to take care of it yourself because for example if you see bats within your home the most important thing is that you immediately call a professional exterminator or at least leave it to somebody who knows what he is doing.

Rounding up

If none of the above pest control methods work, call in a professional. They are the experts when it comes to pest control and can help you deal with your pest problem in no time!