Passing the Cisco exam will help you prove your worth on today’s market, it will help you provide better support for your clients, and ultimately, it will help you earn more money. Thousands of people apply every year for this certification, but since it is one of the most complex and demanding tests in the world, not many people pass it on their first try. If you want to prepare for the CCIE lab exam, you need to be prepared to invest a lot of time in this, and you need to be aware that you may need to put some money into the best training courses. If you are looking to find more information on how to study and pass the Cisco certification, you’ve come to the right place.

In this 2024 guide, we are going to give you more information, as well as guidance on what you need to be aware of, and we will help you find the best approach depending on your personal preferences.

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Plan your time

Before you do anything else, you need to plan your time. Note that you will need between nine and 15 months to prepare for the CCIE Lab exam, and you need to be aware of your time and time management skills.

Plan on what you want to do, think about how you are going to study if you are going to enroll in a training course, where you are going to do that, and ultimately, can you go through the material in 9 months, or is it better to give yourself a year and a half?

Learn how to read all the words

We are so used to skimming through everything we come across, that we rarely focus on each individual word. Know that going back to the basics, and learning how to read every single word in a sentence is going to make a big difference.

No matter if you are preparing alone, or if you are enrolling in a training course, you need to stop skimming through the material, and you need to focus on every single detail. This will help you understand better, learn faster, and avoid mistakes.

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Read subject-related books as much as possible

The next thing you need to do is focus on more than just the traditional workbooks. Yes, those books are going to be the base of the test, and you cannot pass the CCIE Lab exam without them, but you should try and increase your knowledge in other ways than just that.

There are a lot of specific, subject-related books available on the market right now, and when you take away the stress of having to learn everything words by word, it is going to be easier for you to gather the knowledge from these writings.

For example, it would be best to consider using StuDocu — a remarkable website for finding suitable study materials like notes, books, summaries, assignments, and much more. It also provides you with a comprehensive list of courses and universities that will help you pass your classes.

Choose subjects that are going to enrich your knowledge, and that are going to help you better understand the material at hand. Read them when you have some extra time and you will notice the difference.

Enroll in a training course

This is probably the most important part of your studying process. Know that enrolling in a training course is a must if you want to pass the test on your first try, and by working with instructors that have the needed experience and knowledge, you are more likely to get fully prepared.

According to Spotoclub, collaborating with the right service will help you get the newest study materials, take the test exams, and collaborate with professionals that are going to help you go through the material.

Know that you should be looking for certified courses with instructor-led training processes that are going to help you understand what your weak spots are, and how to improve your general knowledge.

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Take the practice exams

The practice exams or test dumps are a must if you want to be successful. The great thing about the CCIE Lab practice tests is that you can get acquainted with the types of questions you are going to get on your main test, you can learn how to divide your time, and you can get used to the feeling and the pressure of the real thing.

These tests will help you lower your fear and anxiety, and you will give yourself enough time to get used to the exam itself. Know that by taking them, you will see what you need to focus on, where you are lacking knowledge, and which parts of the material you have mastered.

Focus on improving yourself

Your main goal is to increase your knowledge and become better at your job. Because of this, you need to approach this exam as something that will help you learn more, become better, and improve yourself.

You should not look at it as something that you have to pass, and you should not study just to be able to get the certification. You should approach it as material that will help you get better than your competition, that will allow you to help your customer, and something that will make you become a master in your profession.

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Make sure you follow the newest material

As you already know the information in this world is constantly being updated, so you cannot rely on material that was used decades ago. Because of this, you need to find the newest material that you need to follow with updated information.

When you enroll in the right course, you will get the latest CCIE Lab study material, and you won’t have to worry about finding the workbooks on your own. However, you can also do that alone, but you need to make sure you are not getting an outdated version of the books.

These are some of the things that will help you study and pass your CCIE Lab exam on your first try. Remember that you need to plan your time, get the newest books, collaborate with professionals, and just give yourself enough room to cover all the material. The instructor-led programs are going to make a huge difference, so make sure you choose the right one for your specific needs. This certificate is going to improve your overall approach in your field and it is going to help you become a better professional and earn a lot more than you do now.