Traveling and exploring new regions and countries is what makes us richer as human beings, but sometimes in order to travel to some country, you need a special permit in terms of a Visa to do so. Now, this process is usually pretty simple but can be a delicate one, depending on from which country you apply. All of that gets even more troubling if you travel much because of work, as applying for and extending your Visa will take much of your time.

Luckily, some countries have great connections and relationships where they don’t seek visas to get there, and the Caribbean region is the best example. By having such a passport, you can travel as much as you want to almost every country in the world without having to apply and wait until your Visa is approved. Of course, some countries have a bit stronger passports than others, but before we get to that, let’s check some other benefits of having a passport from some Caribbean country.


Easier to travel

Okay, this is probably the first thing you will hear that someone mentions as a benefit of having Caribbean citizenship, as countries in this region have great connections and relationships with almost the entire world. That makes them highly attractive, especially for business people who travel, as they don’t need to wait to get a Visa in order to get to the UK, for example. Overall, having a passport from some Caribbean country opens many doors and makes traveling and exploring new countries much easier, and on the plus note, every country in this region has something special to offer to their citizens, besides lovable and Visa, see, and climate.


Investing benefits

Among all other reasons, one thing that attracts more and more people to apply for citizenship in some Caribbean countries is definitely because of investor benefits that come with having their passport. Namely, paying taxes is a must, regardless of in which country you live, but with this passport, placing investments in any Caribbean country is not taxable. Yes, there are huge benefits and advantages for everyone who wants to invest in this region, and even though some countries have a small tax rate, in most of them, the tax rate is zero. That’s what draws investors to move and invest here, as they have all the benefits, do not need to pay taxes, and the region is highly attractive to tourists. Furthermore, there are many benefits, and the government support investors in reaching their goals, making investing in this region highly popular.

Now, there are many ways how one can apply and get a passport, as many agencies offer various services and can speed up this entire process even more. Understandably, you need to be careful when picking one because the fact there are many agencies out there doesn’t mean that every single one of them is trustworthy. So, to avoid any inconveniences and to speed up the process, make sure to go with a renowned one, and for more info on that and what the citizenship by investment program is, check


Fast process of getting the passport

In order to get a Visa from some western country, much time and paperwork are needed, and the process, in general, is a troublesome one, not to mention how difficult things are when you want to become a citizen of that country. All of that is much different with Caribbean countries, as the government encourages people and has special programs to draw more investors to place their funds there, granting them a passport and citizenship. These citizenship programs are a great way to get your passport as promptly as possible, but understandably, you need to meet certain criteria. Namely, citizenship by investment programs varies from one Caribbean country to another, but in general, if someone invests in government-approved real estate, they will get citizenship. Of course, you need to have such funds, but the amount of money needed for such things is not that high, and you’ll need around 100.000 dollars of capital.


How to choose the right country

There is no doubt owning a Caribbean passport gives us a lot of benefits, but the main question that bothers most people is how to choose the right country to apply to. In most cases, people look for a passport that will allow them to travel around the world without spending a lot of time getting visas for each country, and that is where Caribbean countries differ from each other. Regarding the criteria of mobility and traveling around the globe, the strongest one that allows its holders to visit more than 160 countries without waiting in lines is the Barbados one. Just a little behind Barbados, there are St. Kitts and Nevis and Bahamas, with access to more than 150 countries, and Antiqua and Barbuda follow them. The weakest passports by the mobility criteria are the Dominican Republic and Haiti, but owning even them will also allow you to travel more. Besides traveling around, owning any of these passports allows us to live in any of these countries, invest in them, and get great medical care when necessary. The economy of each of them is becoming stronger every day, and making some investments in it, means investing in the future.

To summarize

It is difficult to say which of Caribbean passports really is the strongest one, as it is all individual, and different people have different wishes and needs, so it is up to you to do the research and choose the best option among great ones. There is no doubt that being a holder of each of them will get you a lot of benefits, and traveling around the globe without waiting in lines for eternity and collecting necessary documentation for a visa in months is not the only one. It will also allow you to stay in any Caribbean country as long as you wish, and since each of them has astonishing nature, rich history, and warm people, there is a real chance that you will not want to leave it.