It would seem the wait for Steve Angelo\’s debut album, Wild Youth, was not without merit. As fans awaiting the album have continued to have their hopes deflated by repeat release delays, it appears that there was conflict behind the scenes. The anticipation only intensified following the release of the album\’s first single, Wasted Love, which first appeared in October. The track, which had made it\’s way to number 9 on the Billboard charts, did not receive the support from Columbia that Angelo was expecting from such a major contract. As the conflict escalated and delays continued, Angelo bought himself out of his contract with Columbia, including retained rights for the album. The album, which has not had an established released date since the dissolution of the contract, was reportedly completed and ready to be released by Angelo early this summer.

As the label head of Size Records, it is still unsure if the album will be released on Angelo\’s label or through another channel. As more details develop, we will keep you updated and hopefully that includes a release date set for the near future. With the album complete and only distribution concerns on the horizon, fans should expect the wait to come to a close soon, and hopefully with an album that made it worth it.