What started with a Facebook rant directed at shirtless muscle bros intentionally picking fights at music festivals has since caught the attention and support of festival administrators from Sydney, Australia\’s Stereosonic music festival. Twenty year old journalism student, Joel Bevilacqua\’s original post, shown below, is an accurate indication of the growing trend in \”bro downs\” occurring at major music festivals. Three major brawls at Stereosonic this weekend, one of which was captured on camera, prompted the angry rant.

Any festival attendee knows the type of person Bevilacqua is talking about here. Whereas many festival administrators and attendees have simply come to see this behavior as an annoyance that is just, put simply, \”a part of the festival culture\” nowadays, Stereosonic\’s Co-Founder Frank Cotela has since spoken out condemning the behavior and vowing to take more extreme measures in the future to prevent the onslaught of senseless violence in the future.

\”Everyone is over The Roid up Bro\’s muscle culture, can\’t they just see that they are a laughing stock… Brother EVERYONE is laughing at your Shorts, singlets, fake tans, bumbags and cartoon shaped bodies … but more importantly we are sick of the charged up violence you bring… time for a change! – If it means that we will profile you at entry point and stop you entering – you will be stopped! 40 dumb khunts are not going to spoil a great day enjoyed by thousands! – Frank Cotela (Stereosonic Co-Founder)

Stereosonic already has a mandatory \”shirts on\” policy for all festival goers, but the following video is any indication, it is being mocked openly. Festival attendee Jake Borri captured this video of brawl footage from the festival. Watch as security tries to curtail the violence without much luck. None of the instigators appear to have been apprehended throughout the course of this video.