In Europe today, there are a large number of people who are professionally engaged in betting on numerous sports. This kind of fun and possible easy earnings – has spread over Europe almost like a virus. Some of the bettors have devoted a lot of time and energy to studying various sports and leagues. That effort opened the door for them to go from hobbies – to understanding many sports. We will present to you the 5 most popular sports by betting volume in Europe.

Sports Betting Is A True Passion In Europe

A great passion for sports always goes along with a great passion for sports betting. Such activity has been popular throughout Europe for years. You can find betting shops in almost every European city – and that says a lot about the popularity of sports betting. Sports bets in Europe have been following global trends in recent years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you’ll find some non-European sports on offer. The wide selection when betting is something that the players also welcome.


There is no doubt that people enjoy going to betting shops. It has become an everyday gathering place in most European countries. In these places, players use the opportunity to exchange their knowledge with like-minded people – commenting on clubs and players. Of course, you can often hear them arguing and trying to predict the results of some matches together.

The Popularity Of Online Betting Is Growing

As we said, the best betting shops in Europe are actively following world trends. Their goal is to provide the best possible offers to people who are actively betting – and want to use their knowledge to profit. On sites like ufabet, you can find out which betting sports are worth your attention. By using the services and offers they provide to every sports fan – you will be able to potentially ensure financial stability. Certainly, it takes effort and great knowledge of certain sports – for each of us to reach the set goal. Certainly, we can’t say that all the sports that exist in the world are equally popular for betting in Europe. However, in the part of this text below – we will try to present to you some of the most popular sports for betting in Europe.

1. Soccer

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The most popular betting sport is definitely soccer. This is not surprising given that this is generally one of the most popular sports – enjoyed by people around the world. The advantage of betting on football is in the diverse offer. Namely, many betting shops today offer you the opportunity to bet on all the most famous soccer leagues in Europe or the world – and even the low-ranked leagues. And with the usual betting on the winner of the match – you will be able to choose several other ways of resulting for football matches. Some of them are betting on the correct result, or the total of goals in the match, etc. But the problem with soccer is that every game can end in three ways: A home win, a guest win, or a draw. But with a good knowledge of a particular soccer league, you can make nice winnings.

2. Basketball


Although this sport is the most popular in America, many sports bettors are big fans of basketball. Therefore, it is also viral in other parts of the world, such as Europe, Asia, and even Africa. The reason why people love this sport – is the high speed of action in every match. You need to score a lot of points to win – and that leaves a lot of room for reversals and changes during the game. It’s incredibly exciting to use your favorite team in situations where you know they could lose the advantage they have in less than a minute.

3. Tennis


Along with football and basketball, tennis is a very popular betting sport in Europe. Over the year, many tournaments are played – and that gives you many chances to find interesting betting pairs. Tennis also has another great advantage over football. Namely, in this sport, we can only count on 2 possible outcomes – one or another tennis player. As a result, you have a 50% chance of hitting the outcome of a tennis match. But watch out for one important fact. Sometimes one of the players can be injured during a tennis match – and the player can hand over the match. However, not all betting shops or websites have the same rules regarding such situations. Therefore, check that out before you place your bet.

4. Horse Racing

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The British seem to be the biggest fans of equestrian racing, but we can perfectly understand why. It is therefore not surprising that this sport is so popular for betting in other parts of Europe as well. There aren’t many things that can replace the excitement you feel while the race is on. Whether you’re playing on a favorite or looking for a surprise – you’ll keep your eyes wide open until the horses cross the finish line.

5. Boxing

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We end our list with a sport that belongs to the martial arts category. Boxing was always very popular, but it looks like it is experiencing its renaissance at least when it comes to betting. This sport has so many fans around the world, but in Europe as well. Boxing matches are filled with adrenaline, and they will keep you focused on watching them for a long time.


You will often come across two types of bettors in Europe. The first are strategists who want to identify the best betting opportunities – and maximize their earnings. The second are those who are looking for top experience and adrenaline. These are the ones who passionately follow the events and cheer for their favorites. First of all, we must point out that when betting on sports – luck is not a crucial factor that affects your betting success.

You need to do a lot of analysis and read the latest news – because it is the only way to improve your skills and knowledge. Of course, it is not possible to predict the outcome every time. It is much more important that after each loss of money you analyze your mistakes – and correct them on the next attempt.