I am SUPER excited for the upcoming Chainsmokers\’ show at The MID on Thursday January 30th. I just can\’t get enough of their indie dance vibe. I have to listen to their remix of The Smallpools – Dreaming once a day to feel whole it\’s that awesome. Their soon-to-be-released Melbourne Bounce track \”#selfie\” is sure to be club favorite when it drops on January 28th–two days before their show in Chicago. I\’ve had the pleasure of hearing it early and that sexy, bouncy beat had me dancing as hard as I was laughing.

I had the chance to catch both Alex and Drew for a quick explanation on the origins of the song, plus they stuck around long enough to play a little \”Would You Rather…?\” with me so everyone could get to know these party boys a little better.

How did you guys come up with the hilarious female voice-over for \”#selfie\”?
Well, funny enough–\”#selfie\” was a concept for a song we had been joking about for a while but never really cared to follow through. So, one day we were making this song to help promote our show at LIV in Miami and we were going to lay Disclosure\’s \”Fire Starts to Burn\” vocal over it–and it sounded great–but the track was just too good to just write off as an edit with someone else’s vocals. So, we thought, \”Why not give \’#selfie\’ a shot?\” So we had a GF named Alexis who has this great thick NYC accent with all this attitude and asked if she would come over for 30 min. She had no idea what we had in mind and she isn’t a vocalist. Anyway, we explained the idea to her and within 20 min we had two verses done. To say she wasn’t a natural would be a huge understatement. In coming up with the various little pieces we just thought of the stereotypical things girls might say to each other or about one another in situations they would find themselves in. We wanted them to be funny but most of all relatable, and it seems like more or less we accomplished that.

Would You Rather…

Become blind… or never hear another song again?
Alex would be deaf but could see, Drew would be blind but could hear and we would still dominate.

Open a show for Paris Hilton… or make a mixtape with Pauly D?
Open a show for Paris and grab ass.

Be sexually attracted to vegetables… or not be sexually attractive to anyone?
We don’t get it, whats wrong with being sexually attracted to vegetables?

Take the fat girl home… or have the fat girl turn you down?
Fat Girls give great head… you do the math.

Have a threesome with two nasty chicks… or have one with a hott girl and a dude?
hahah the latter, but there will be no dude touching.

Accidentally send a naked selfie to your mom… or have your mom accidentally send a naked selfie to you?
oh god, if we told you this happened once would we lose fans?

Show us your best #selfie to enter our contest to win 2 tickets, an autographed t-shirt and 10 shots at The Chainsmokers\’ show Thursday January 30th. Check out their amazing new single below: