Emails that were leaked to the public after the Sony Pictures hack have revealed Snapchats plans for a music feature. In addition to foreshadowing a partnership with Twitter and revealing several acquisitions by Snapchat, the emails revealed CEO Evan Spiegel\’s desire to promote music on the social media/photography app.

There have already by several artists featured on the app including Goldroom and Vance Joy, resulting in a significant rise in popularity for the two of them. Users were even able to immediately visit the bands\’ iTunes page through the app.

Emails between Sony executives Dennis Kooker and Michael Lynton revealed various ideas Spiegel had about how to integrate Snapchat into the music business, and that they both supported the idea.

Lynton wrote: \”I would have thought they would be a platform to promote music in the first instance.\”


The following August, Manny Adler, son of record producer Lou Adler, wrote emails to Lynton detail his discussions with Snapchat about a music venture.

Adler wrote: \”…I have been going to Snapchat at least once every week to discuss music and develop ways of integrating music into Snapchat..\”


Snapchat also met with Rio Caraeff, the president of Vevo, to discuss a way for users to watch music videos through Snapchat. The first round of talks fell through after Spiegel asked for \”40 percent of the gross,\” but the emails detailed Vevo\’s continued openness to the idea of a partnership with Snapchat.


via Tech Crunch