That\’s right folks! Unveiled today through the mysterious alien app Skrillex has been releasing a new song through a secret folder within the app. The secret folder within the app went live at 6:30 pm EST on Monday, March 10, with a new song unlocking itself every half hour. According to a Reddit user Recess comes out on March 18, and displays album artwork similar to the Alien Ride logo featured in the post! Its been a long time since Skrillex released a studio album, and from what I herd so far its fucking awesome! Listen To All is Fair in Love and Brostep below with the rest of the tracks being added as they come available.

Download the app here!

01. All Is Fair in Love and Brostep (feat. Ragga Twins)

02. Recess (feat. Kill The Noise & Fatman Scoop)

03. Stranger (feat. KillaGraham & Sam Dew)

04. Try It Out (Neon Mix) [feat. Alvin Risk]

05. Coast Is Clear (feat. Chance The Rapper)

06. Dirty Vibe (feat. Diplo, G-Dragon and CL)

07. Ragga Bomb (feat. Ragga Twins)

08. Doompy Poomp (feat. Mishka)

09. Fuck That

10. Ease My Mind

11. Fire Away