If you\’ve turned on your computer today, there\’s no doubt you\’ve seen this video of ZHU\’s set at Australia\’s Stereosonic stop in Brisbane.

ZHU\’s set closes with \”Faded\”, which then transitions to \”My Name is Skrillex\” revealing Sonny behind the decks. He plays out a final track, with \”Faded\” over the top, and closes out by thanking the crowd for enjoying the ZHU projects.

Now, let\’s all take a breath. How about one more? Good.

Skrillex is not ZHU. ZHU is not Skrillex. Let me elaborate.

In an interview done on Triple J in May, ZHU explains the reasons for his anonymity. He says that the project was never intended to be a secret, but that his top priority had always been for the music to speak for itself. If you skip to 3 minutes in and listen, you can settle this Skrillex fiasco yourself.

If this isn\’t enough proof, you can also do a simple search on ASCAP. By looking under Performers named ZHU, you can quickly find his credited works along with his real name, Steven Zhu. Searching through the rest of the tracks listed, the name repeats. There is no mention of Sonny Moore anywhere.


So, let\’s all relax and remember that in the dance music world, trolls are commonplace. Because people take them extremely seriously and demolish the internet with theories and freakout reactions, stunts like this are able to be successful. We played right into their trap! The lesson here? Do a little research before questioning your reality.