As if OWLSA wasn\’t keeping him busy enough, Sonny Moore (a.k.a Skrillex) debuted his new, free music label NEST HQ 2 days ago through the free release of AC Slater\’s EP \”Back to the Floor\”.

NEST HQ is more than just an independent music label. It is an \”overarching media platform\” where both new and old artists can express themselves and make the music they want without the pressure big record labels usually put on them. As their mission states, NEST HQ aims \”to nurture and encourage the growth of artists of all genres and all mediums, heralding their works through positive journalism, engaging, unique content, and genuine support\”. In order to do so, NEST HQ will work with both recognized and on-the-rise artists, supplying them a media through which they can release the music they want to release, music that is not tainted by the pressure to bring in money or appeal to large masses of people.

Though the site has been active for several months, NEST HQ had their first music release two days ago when they made AC Slater\’s latest EP \”Back to the Floor\” available for download. As implied by the title, bass master AC Slater takes a step back from the standard pop-electro sounds that have been blasting incessantly for the past few years and gets a bit more weird with some techno sounds we sadly don\’t get to hear too often anymore. As AC Slater comments about his EP in the beginning of his interview with NEST, \”Back to the Floor is just a statement of where my head is at musically. Taking the focus from the superstar DJ concert back to the clubs. The whole \’put your hands up\’ and shit is cool but it’s kinda played out for me personally. I want to focus more on the music and how it makes the individual feel. Everyone having their own experience and vibing out in the club rather than watching someone tell them what to do. It doesn’t have to be on 10 all the time. It’s okay to zone out and get lost in the music\”.


Personally, I find the concept behind NEST HQ to be a refreshing change for the electronic music scene and I can easily relate to AC Slater- there is only so much big room, 128 bpm music I can take and I am super excited to see what comes out of the creative freedom NEST HQ provides for all types electronic artists.

There will be FREE direct download releases available on the label\’s website from now on, including the label\’s debut release of AC Slate\’s 5-track EP, \”Back to the Floor\”. Have a listen to this funky EP below and keep an ear out for NEST HQ releases. Its about time we heard something with soul behind it, not dollar signs.