An interesting collaboration to say the least, Showtek and Ookay just premiered their new track at Tomorrowland. The quality of this recording may be lacking, but you can still tell that their combined talents make this a HUGE track. Properly tagged as \”housetrap\”, Ookay\’s powerful trapstyle and Showtek\’s unparalleled anthemic house are both present in this one. We have featured both of these artists before (Ookay and Showtek), and it\’s cool to see such varied artists come together to make something incredible. This is a great way to close out the Tomorrowland weekend, and a great follow-up to Showtek\’s huge recent release \”Booyah\”. This track has been getting some exposure throughout the summer already, but this is just one step closer to an official release. Can\’t wait for an HQ to surface!