Buying gifts for other people is very common. It is a practice that has been around for centuries, perhaps thousands of years, since it is one of the best ways to show somebody that you care about them, think about them, and that you mean them well. There are numerous occasions for which it is customary to give presents too, so there is certainly not a lack of opportunities to show those dearest and closest to you how you really feel and what they mean to you.

With all that being said, it is also very difficult to get the right present for the right person. You cannot buy the same gift to everyone, nor should you pay the same no matter what you get. The occasion may also streamline you towards the better decision as the event usually dictates the type and the size of the gift. It may be more difficult to buy a gift when there is no occasion and when you just feel like surprising somebody with a nice gesture.

It is rarely spoken about, but buying gifts for your closest friends, colleagues, and lifelong acquaintances because seemingly anything goes. You can buy them whatever since you know each other well, you know what each of you likes, and it can even be something a bit more controversial in general terms. For the purposes of this article we will be focusing on buying adult toys for other people.

In the following section, we mention the most important rules about it and teach you how to approach this sensitive idea. If it is a male person in question and you want him one of the best adult toys around, check out and buy them a lifelike doll.


1. You Have to Know the Person Well

This goes without saying really, but it is still the most important rule here. In order to buy somebody a sex toy as a gift, you must know them well. You should already be friends for a long time and know each other on a deeper level. Otherwise it will seem weird and they may think you are perverted or lack the taste for what usual gifts are.

Do not make the mistake many have made and only buy an adult toy for a special occasion if you love the person and care for their well-being. It is indeed a taboo for many and they are guaranteed to feel shocked and dumbfounded when they open the box if they do not know you well.


2. Consider their Sexual Orientation

This matters a lot because we are not all made the same nor do we have the same needs and fantasies. Depending on whether they are straight or gay, you should look for a different type of toy that would provide them the right kind of good time and help them pleasure themselves the right way. If they are bi, you have it easy and anything goes!

However, if you are unsure of their orientation, it means you do not know them nearly well or long enough to buy them this type of present. This is one of the most basic things you can know about somebody, which is why it matters when browsing for the right adult toy for them.


3. Think About their Relationship Status

Adult toys used to be designed, made, and sold to single people, mostly women, because men were thought not to need them. What started as a vibrator industry quickly changed as technology and sexual freedom improved, which is why nowadays all sorts of toys exist. They are not only for single people either since many couples use them together during their intimate moments. You have to think about whether or not the person you are buying the toy from is single or in a relationship. If they are single, you will have it easier.

If not though, consider the reason you are browsing for an adult toy. Is it because they are unhappy with their sexual life and need a bit more, are they bored with their partner and their sex life is no longer fun, or do they like using toys anyway and you want to expand their collection? Whatever the case is, you must include the other person. You can even ask them for guidelines and advice if you know them, and make it a surprise only for your friend.


4. Wrap It SFW (Safe for Work)

NSFW things and content are considered as such for a reason. The reason is so that nobody feels embarrassed or otherwise uncomfortable when they see or hear something that may be considered rude, offensive, or controversial. Therefore, go the extra mile to wrap up the toy neatly so that nobody can tell what it is at a first glance. A neutral box would be the best way to go since anything could be inside and nobody will suspect anything.

Make sure to tell your friend not to open it in front of everybody, since some celebrations and parties imply opening the gifts in front of the guests while things are still going on. It would definitely not be smart to do this with more controversial people or minors around!


5. Stay Within Budget

Not all adult toys are made equal. Some are much more expensive than others which is usually due to their functions, features, and materials. The more electronic parts they have and the more intricate and specific they are, the more you will have to spend. Ask the seller about it to make sure that it is the right product for the person you have in mind, just to make sure you are not getting the wrong kind of toy. If the person is very close, like a best friend, a sibling even, or your favorite colleague, you can spend a bit more and get them a cool adult toy they can have a lot of fun with. Otherwise, for regular friends and peers, you can go however low or high you feel.