Trap superstar RL Grime\’s newest EP, High Beams, drops July 16th on the Fools Gold label, and in the EP preview, he showcases his talent for minimalist beats and booty-bouncing drops.

\”Pockets\” get the party started, with its handclap buildup, pulsating snares, and catchy hook. The next track, \”Shells\”, puts a unique spin on the trap genre, fusing big-room house elements with the sound of the underground. \”Secondary (feat. Problem)\” is yet another example of the hip hop influence on the trap genre, and Problem\’s auto-tuned croon blends perfectly with the springy, bass-heavy beat created by RL Grime.

Salva steps in to help with the classic trap anthem \”Cliq Cliq\”, which many will recognize from several of RL Grime\’s live and recorded sets from the past year. Closing out High Beams is Grime\’s newest single, \”Heard Me\”. This track fuses jungle house with hip hop rhythms and elegant string instruments, giving \”Heard Me\” an unusual sound that\’s sure to be stuck in your head for days!

Pre-order RL Grime\’s EP on iTunes here!