\’We Found Love\’ dominated radio waves for most of 2011. It rocketed both Calvin Harris and Rihanna to the top of the pop EDM crossover charts as it secured a firm spot of on the Billboard Top 100 for ten consecutive weeks. With results like that, you\’d think that another collaboration would be a sure thing. Almost everything Calvin Harris touches turns into a huge hit, so when Rihanna rejected him, it left him slightly confused.

According to Digital Spy, Harris developed a track with Tinashe for Rihanna. But when he sent it to her, he was unable to get a call back from Rihanna\’s team. It is still unknown as to why Rihanna hasn\’t responded to Harris\’ track, but Harris is just as confused as the rest of us. Harris said, \”Tinashe wrote the top line, and I did all the music. I love it. But I don\’t think she was into it. So I don\’t know what is going to happen to that because it\’s really good.\”