Update: Richie Hawtin has posted an apology on Facebook











Like every other celebrity, DJs are without a doubt always being recorded, whether it be by photo or video. With these recordings, come crazy fans that will do anything to get as close as possible to get that great shot. However, it seems that DJ Richie Hawtin wasn\’t having it at one of his latest sets in NYC. In the video below, Richie\’s playing at Time Warp and we see a fan getting close on the stage near his speakers recording everything – Hawtin then notices she\’s recording and presumes to push his monitors right into her. Although she didn\’t sustain any injuries due to Hawtin\’s reckless actions, was it the right move? I understand phones and recordings are quickly becoming the norm at EDM events, and every event for that matter, and it does truly take away from the overall experience – especially to those who choose not to use their devices at all, but should he have pushed that set of speakers into that woman? She didn\’t seem to be disturbing him much, other than just recording. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or via Facebook or Twitter. Moral of the story: stop recording at EDM events, especially next to Richie Hawtin.