edx at soundbar

Progressive house DJ and producer EDX played a set at Sound-Bar this weekend, failing to impress for the most part. EDX transformed his sound from more melodic, almost trance, music to a blend of progressive house and deep house. The switch in genres resulted in a set that lacked cohesion, which was surprising considering how superstar DJs like Skrillex have more than managed to coalesce a change in genres during his live sets.

If anything, EDX sounded dated. His music easily could\’ve been techno from the late 90s and early 00s, which was good for the nostalgia factor, but as a headliner on a Saturday night, failed to deliver. A DJ does not have to rely on whatever sound is popular at the moment to prove his artistry, but EDX\’ techno would have appealed only to those of us who grew up in that period. Younger EDM fans, used to bangers and drops, wouldn\’t relate to it.

However, when EDX did play deep house or more timeless sounding pieces of melodic techno, the set suddenly picked up. That said, attending the concert gave you whiplash, going from rather dull to somewhat engaging, depending on the track. The art of DJ-ing is wholly dependent on capturing, and keeping, the audience\’s interest. EDX demonstrated inconsistency in this regard, capturing and keeping our attention at moments, losing both at others.

This was especially disappointing considering the strength of his newest single, \”Omertà,\” which features a perfect blend of both melodic and deep house genres. His strength, then, is clearly in producing rather than live performances. That said, when he did delivered, he delivered, prompting attendees to dance and enjoy themselves. If this had been sustained through the night, the concert would\’ve been more enjoyable.

Closing DJ Steve Gerard, a local talent, saved the night by bringing club-goers into the early hours of the morning. Having a chance to discuss his approach before his set, I was impressed by how technical and precise he is. A thorough knowledge in the \”science\” of DJ-ing, however, did not mean Gerard lacked the artistic aspect. He promised \”the dirtiest stuff from London\” and he certainly displayed his talent by playing mesmerizing tracks that were simultaneously entertaining, and from an artistic perspective, unique. As always, the staff at Sound-Bar were generous and attentive, leaving nothing to be desired with service.

Listen to \”Omertà\” for a taste of EDX at his best: